Tips for Keeping Your Those Curls Looking Fab!

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Hitting ‘refresh’ on your curls is a must, even if you have naturally curly hair, since this comes with its own set of challenges. Do dryness, frizziness or unruliness ring a bell? There you go! And if your hair isn’t naturally curly, that’s ok too, here are our best hairstylist tips to keep curls springy and well defined. Curls are one of the best beauty assets, just as fab in the summer with the beach curl vibe, and during the winter for the Holidays!

Curl-Boosting Tricks 

No matter what look you’re planning to create, the best hairstyles always begin when washing your hair. That’s where the professional hair care products start working their magic, and where your professional curl shampoo is your BFF. That’s also the reason your stylist always recommends them 😉

As you might know, shampoos for curly hair are expressly formulated to provide hair with moisture, elasticity and volume, since the natural oils from the scalp take longer to travel down the hair strand because of the kinks and bends of the curl. Shampooing less often can also help your curls retain more moisture, staying softer, smoother, and healthier – basically looking amazing! Have you tried the “co-wash” method? It’s simply using conditioner to wash your hair, between regular washes, leaving your hair softer, easier to manage and style. But whatever you decide to do, make sure you never overwash your hair, which will always compromise the quality of your curls.

By choosing a non hair washing day to curl your hair, you will also boost the quality and shape of your curls, since hair holds up better when it has a little bit of oil and grit in it. Hair’s too slippy? Just sprinkle in a bit of dry shampoo.

And before you reach out for those hot styling tools, make sure you apply a heat protection hair product to minimize damage. Bonus: they even enhance curls!

Pure Salon Montreal - Tips for Keeping Your Those Curls Looking Fab Blog 2

The Styling Tools You Need

Depending on the thickness of your hair, the level of curl you have naturally (or not!), and the look you’re going for, there are many options when it comes to choosing the tool that will create those dream curls you have in mind.

The most important thing to remember, when using a wand or a curling iron, is that the narrower the barrel, the tighter and smaller the curls. If you’re looking to create big, rich and bouncy curls, a bigger barrel will do the trick. Hot rollers? Of course they’re still a thing! This classic hairstyling tool is great for fine hair since you can keep them on for longer, without the risk of increased the damage to your delicate locks. Just remember you need to keep them on for at least ten minutes. Oh, and by the way, the cool air setting on your hairdryer helps set your hair after you’ve given it all the curl you need to feel forever fab!

Tips for Keeping Your Those Curls Looking Fab!