Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy This Holiday Season

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Ah… It’s that time of the year again for (small) get-togethers and everything merry! But before you go overboard getting presents for everyone and making sure they’re all happy – an impossible task –, it’s important to take care of yourself and to pamper your hair because it does need an extra dose of love, when the air is dry and it must endure multiple temperature changes.

Remember, too, that you’ll most likely want to style your hair a little bit differently for those end-of-year festivities (IRL or Zoom!), and that updos, big curls and waves can sometimes cause more stress on your tresses.

Here’s how to make that work for you!

1 – Book a haircut

Even if you’re not planning a major makeover, trimming your hair will give it more life, bounce and make it look shinier. The reason is simple: you’re getting rid of split ends that can cause frizz and flyaways, making your overall hair look dull, while preventing more damage. Plus, a fresh haircut with your favourite hairstylist will give you a chance to relax. Bonus points for your well-being!

2 – Enjoy an Overnight Mask

We all know hair masks are a proven treatment to make hair shinier and healthier. If you’ve been overusing hot hair tools, your hair might be depleted of its precious natural oils and in need of some TLC. Enter the overnight mask treatment. Just choose your favourite Davines mask, saturate your strands and tie up your hair. In the morning, just rinse out the product in the shower and enjoy super soft, super shiny hair!

Pure Salon Montreal - Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy This Holiday Season Blog 2

3 – Try a Scalp Massage

Stress often takes hold of us when we least expect it. Particularly if we’re on a roll with work and an ever-expanding to-do list for the holidays. Time out! A scalp massage will do wonders to bring down your cortisol levels (the stress hormone) while stimulating your hair follicles. Just gently move your fingers in a circular motion, starting on either side of the crown. Move up and down all over the scalp. There, isn’t that better?…

4 – Less Hot Tools 

Gen Z is a big supporter of this, and rightly so: it’s time to celebrate your natural hair texture. Scoop: it’s poised to be of the biggest beauty trends of 2022!

So maybe let the curling iron take a rest this Holiday season, since it can also lead to weakened hair due to wear and tear on the cuticle. If you still want to use hot tools, choose the lowest setting and look for those made of ceramic, which is less damaging. 

Now have fun (with healthy and beautiful hair) celebrating the holidays! 

Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy This Holiday Season