Feeling the Western Vibe? Try the Cowgirl Bob!

Pure Salon Montreal - Feeling the Western Vibe Try the Cowgirl Bob

Again? Another bob? Well, get used to it! Bobs have become the jeans of the hair world with many different types of lengths, styles and finishes popping up here and there to refresh your hairstyling options on a regular basis. 

So, yes, we’re jumping from the baroque bob to the cowgirl bob just in time to greet the new summer season. Well, because Beyonce’s in her pretty ‘Cowboy Carter’ era and Western style has taken over the catwalks. Time to saddle up and ride in style!

So, What Exactly is the Cowgirl Bob? 

Simply put, the cowgirl bob is the new iteration of a classic haircut is a mid-length bob that has a lot more texture and body than its cousin, the French bob. It has beautiful ‘piecey’ bangs, or even curtain bangs, and is cut blunt full length but with added movement and slight curls. But it’s also a bit edger. Read: rougher and imperfect, with similarities with the shag and the lob (the ‘long bob’). 

If you’re torn between going for the shag or a modern mullet, or a more classical bob, the cowgirl bob just might be the perfect haircut for you. By the way, it’s also an evolution of the cowboy theme we saw last fall with the ‘cowboy copper’ colour story. 

Oh, and of course, the fact that super-celebrity Megan Fox has just recently debuted the chop as her latest hair transformation is giving the haircut plenty of fuel to trend on social. 

Pure Salon Montreal - Feeling the Western Vibe Try the Cowgirl Bob 2

Styling the Cowgirl Bob with 7 Gorgeous Variations

Sleek Waves: Start with a chin-length bob, add soft waves, and tousle them gently for a relaxed, casual look. Subtle balayage highlights enhance depth and dimension.

Beachy Waves: Opt for a slightly longer bob with loose waves. Soft layers around the face create movement, while blonde highlights add brightness.

Chic Side-Parted Waves: Define your waves for a sophisticated appearance. You can also add a warm caramel balayage that blends seamlessly with a natural brown base.

Voluminous Soft Curls: Tousled waves and subtle layering give this cowgirl bob a carefree yet polished vibe. For colour options lowlights add richness.

Bold Cascading Waves: For drama, go for deep, cascading waves with maximum volume. Glamorous and eye-catching, this style is perfect for summer parties or weddings. 

Dark Long Bob with Caramel Highlights: The desert sun-inspired glow, caramel highlights, and tousled waves create a soft, stunning two-tone effect.

Reddish Shaggy Curls: Ask for a long, shaggy curl with a reddish hue. Red hair is just stunning (remember the cherry coke shade that’s still going strong?) and the shaggy style brings it to life.

See how easy it is to be on trend while embracing your inner Western girl this summer! 

Feeling the Western Vibe? Try the Cowgirl Bob!