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The Baroque Bob: How to Rock the Most Glam Short Haircut!

Pure Salon Montreal - The Baroque Bob How to Rock the Most Glam Short Haircut

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your hair game this season, look no further than the baroque bob. This beautiful new way to cut and style a bob is inspired by the opulence of the Baroque era, which took place in the 18th century. Think of the lavish curls, waves, and textures that adorned the heads of royalty and nobility back then. Now, imagine bringing that same flair and drama to your 21st-century look like Zendaya, who’sRead more

Three Hair Trends to Look for in 2024

Pure Salon Montreal - Three Hair Trends to Look for in 2024

New year, new hair? Yes, it’s that time in the calendar when resolutions are in the air. And when it comes to your beauty routines and style that you want to show to the world on your well-crafted social image, the choices are abundant. Here’s how to help you navigate the many options when it comes to your hair’s health, shades and accessorizing. Read on! Healthy Hair It goes without saying that before any haircut, hair colour or hairstyle consideration,Read more

Simple Touches to Glam Up Your Holiday Hair

Pure Salon Montreal - Simple Touches to Glam Up Your Holiday Hair 1

The most wonderful time of the year is here! And, if you’re lucky enough to have a ton of parties and get-togethers to attend, you may be looking for some easy ways to dress up your hair for the festive occasions.  Whether you have short, medium, or long hair, there are some simple touches that can add a beautiful dose of glam to your holiday hair. Here are some ideas to inspire you: Make It Sparkle!  Nothing says holiday likeRead more

Hair Oils: Do You Know How to Use Them?

Pure Salon Montreal - Hair Oils Do You Know How to Use Them 1

Ever since they launched, with much fanfare, about 15 years ago, hair oils have created a category onto themselves and helped achieve more lustrous, moisturized, and healthier hair, along the way. If, initially, most of us were apprehensive about applying an oil to hair and scalp, over time we’ve come to realize it’s a great add-on to a regular hair maintenance routine. A little bit like in skincare when oils started garnering interest and being used by top beauty creatorsRead more

Everything You Need to Know About ‘Liquid Brunette’

Pure Salon Montreal - Everything You Need to Know About Liquid Brunette 1

If you’re over and done with all the nutty references and the (maybe dreaded) pumpkin spice tones that have become part of the fall lexicon of hair colour, it might be time to dip your tresses into a palette of deep, rich browns.  How Browns Have Evolved  To those who have been paying close attention to hair colour in the last year or so, you will have noticed that the very pale blondes are less present than before. We hadRead more

How Often Should You Get a Haircut?

Pure Salon Montreal - How Often Should You Get a Haircut Blog 1

Other than ‘what colour should I do my hair this season?’, this is one of those puzzling questions that keep popping up in the quest for beautiful hair. While regular trims are necessary for hair maintenance and reshaping, it’s never a one-size-fits-all approach. Just like the question of colour.  In theory, a visit to the salon every six weeks might be fine for a trim, but there are always exceptions to the rule depending on the hair texture and cut.Read more

Fall 2023’s Biggest Hair Trends

Pure Salon Montreal - Fall 2023’s Biggest Hair Trends Blog 1

Time to hit refresh for fall, now that back to school season and September are just around the corner. Because nothing says ‘new season, new outlook’ better than a different haircut to embrace a groundbreaking chapter in your life about to unroll, may that be a different career path or a shiny new title on your resume — corner office or not! Whether you want a total hair makeover, are thinking of chopping it off into a mullet — yes,Read more

Stylish and Stunning Bangs: Your Ultimate Guide from Pure salon

Pure Salon Montreal - Stylish and Stunning Bangs - Your Ultimate Guide from Pure salon Blog 1

Bangs (or fringe, like the hair pros sometimes call them) have long been a go-to style statement in the beauty and fashion world, adding a touch of chic allure to any look, from beach to red carpet.  So whether you’re opting for soft, wispy bangs or bold, blunt ones, they can instantly transform your appearance and accentuate your unique facial features. However, maintaining those perfect bangs requires some TLC. In this article, we’ll explore styling tips and essential care tipsRead more

Hair Accessory Trends for Summer

Pure Salon Montreal - Hair Accessory Trends for Summer Blog 1

After a great haircut and the most beautiful hair colour created for you in the salon, hair accessories are one of the most playful and important elements of any hairstyle. Particularly for summer 2023, as we’ve seen a resurgence of them on the catwalks for this season’s fashion shows. Plus, hair accessories are always a natural for bridal looks. Whether you’re the bride, bridesmaid or guest.  Here are a few options in terms of hair accessories to elevate your styleRead more

Why You’ll Love ‘Lived-In’ Shades, the New Hair Colour Trend

Pure Salon Montreal - Why You’ll Love ‘Lived-In’ Shades, the New Hair Colour Trend Blog 1

High-maintenance beauty has taken a backseat and we’re all loving hair that is much more natural and easier to manage. Think ringlets, texture, and — the latest — lived-in hair colour.  Yes, we’re trading in precision effects for softer shades, those that will stand out in the beautiful summer afternoon rosy glow, when the sun sets, and those lazy lounge moments around the pool or the terrace. Think sandy blondes, peachy reds, and nutty browns. Right. But What Exactly isRead more