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Upgrade Your Blonde for Back to School

Pure Salon Montreal - Upgrade Your Blonde for Back to School Blog 1

As the sun’s rays become longer and you’re headed for back to school for an exciting chapter in your life, your look has to follow your ambitions. Your hair? Well, if you’re bored with balayages, maybe it’s time to try out something new without having to completely forget about being a blonde. Ta dam: Enter ‘mushroom blonde.’ Blondes Get More Subdued  According to Pinterest, mushroom blonde hair started gaining ground last winter with searches for this colour rising by 15%Read more

Cool Pool Season Look: Big, Puffy Hair Makes a Comeback!

Pure Salon Montreal - Cool Pool Season Look Big Puffy Hair Makes a Comeback Blog 1

Summer hairstyles for hot long days are synonymous with more texture and movement. Because, really, who wants to try to tame and control their hair when the humidity is at an all-time high? Going for as little upkeep as possible is the desired course of action. Great, too, for poolside socializing and fun in the sun.  The Secret Is in the Layers Have you noticed how on fashion runways, celebrity social feeds, and stylish girls on the street, hair isRead more

Summer Hairstyles: Micro Bangs for Maximum Style

Pure Salon Montreal - Summer Hairstyles Micro Bangs for Maximum Style Blog 1

Your poolside look has landed via micro bangs for the height of summer 2022. A chic, bold statement, these mini fringes are amazing if you want an edgier style for the hotter months, with the added bonus of little maintenance or commitment. Once you’ve outgrown the trend — literally—, just let your hair morph into curtain bangs, or longer. And there, you’re done and ready for a new hair adventure!  Is This Look for You?  Every change of season orRead more

Bridal Hair Ideas for Summer

Pure Salon Montreal - Bridal Hair Ideas For Summer Blog 1

After two long years of lockdowns and smaller gatherings, 2022 will be a year when big summer weddings come back full swing. If you’re a bride, it’s your time to shine with a memorable look. Which includes, of course, a ‘wow’ hairstyle that fits with your look and personality! But before you decide on that show-stopping look, hairstylists always recommend choosing the dress before settling on the hairstyle since the type of gown will influence everything else. Also, take intoRead more

Awesome Prom Hairstyles Ideas for Your Graduation Ball

Pure Salon Montreal - Awesome Prom Hairstyles Ideas for Your Graduation Ball Blog 1

Even if it’s not your first big party — let’s face it, you’re a pro at applying your lashes in the backseat of your ride —, you want your grad ball to be extra special. Which means a stunning ‘fit, and the makeup and hairstyle that are going to complement it. Cue in your fave playlist and you’re ready to sashay your way into your next TikTok dance. It’s all about the details. Prom hair is the main character inRead more

The Super Slick Hair Trend Everyone’s Talking About

Pure Salon Montreal - The Super Slick Hair Trend Everyone’s Talking About Blog 1

Move over, beach waves! Another big hairstyle is coming for spring 2022 and it has everything to do with an ultra-smooth, shiny finish. And it’s aptly called ‘liquid hair.’ No, it’s not the first time we’ve been seeing ultra-shiny hair. In 2018, it was all about “glass hair,” which was super slick, super straight and had that sharp, sheetlike straightness. But this time around, high-wattage hair is a little softer and with plenty of fluid movement that catches the lightRead more

Why You’re Going to Love ‘Expensive Brunette’ Hair in 2022

Pure Salon Montreal - Why You’re Going to Love Expensive Brunette Hair in 2022 Blog 1

Being comfortable showing darker roots and spacing out hair colour appointments is done and done. Time for a fresh start! That’s why “expensive brunette” is the hair colour trend you’re going to absolutely love, now that we’re more than halfway through the colder season. Here’s why: It’s all about showing off healthy and super shiny hair paired with deep and delicious darker shades infused with light and dimension. And just what we need to get us through the finishing lineRead more

New Year, New Hair Resolutions!

Pure Salon Montreal - New Year, New Hair Resolutions Blog 1

OK, we don’t need to change years to jumpstart good hair routines, but it sure helps to stay motivated when we have 12 months in front of us to do it! At Pure, here are some great ideas to help keep your hair beautiful all through the new calendar year, depending on your unique type of hair.  Hair Profile: Double-Processed Blonde  Deep conditioning once every two weeks with a nutrient-rich mask should be at the top of your list to minimizeRead more

Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy This Holiday Season

Pure Salon Montreal - Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy This Holiday Season Blog 1

Ah… It’s that time of the year again for (small) get-togethers and everything merry! But before you go overboard getting presents for everyone and making sure they’re all happy – an impossible task –, it’s important to take care of yourself and to pamper your hair because it does need an extra dose of love, when the air is dry and it must endure multiple temperature changes. Remember, too, that you’ll most likely want to style your hair a littleRead more

Tips for Keeping Your Those Curls Looking Fab!

Pure Salon Montreal - Tips for Keeping Your Those Curls Looking Fab Blog 1

Hitting ‘refresh’ on your curls is a must, even if you have naturally curly hair, since this comes with its own set of challenges. Do dryness, frizziness or unruliness ring a bell? There you go! And if your hair isn’t naturally curly, that’s ok too, here are our best hairstylist tips to keep curls springy and well defined. Curls are one of the best beauty assets, just as fab in the summer with the beach curl vibe, and during theRead more