The Best Spring 2024 Hair Trends From the Runway to Your Life

Pure Salon Montreal - The Best Spring 2024 Hair Trends From the Runway to Your Life

It doesn’t happen often, but this year a good part of what we were presented at the many Fashion Weeks around the globe consisted of low-key and easy hairstyles for spring. Great for most of us who want quick beauty routines loaded with style!

Elevated Accessories

Remember those ribbons that were everywhere last year? Well, they’re still trending hard. And this time around, you’ll find them in the shape of hair bows, headbands, and even a simple silk ribbon tied around a braid or a beautiful shiny pony tail.

If you’ve been streaming season 2 of Feud ‘Capote vs. The swans’, you were probably in awe of the ultra-glam scene of the Black and White Ball. And hair accessories, with tons of crystal-encrusted hair clips, barrettes and embellishments. Well, expect to see more of these for the upcoming bachelorette parties and weddings this coming summer.

The Simple Comb Headband

After fabric padded headbands were on everyone’s head a few seasons back, this type of hair accessory is taking the minimalist route this time, with a proliferation of simple comb headbands appearing on many fashion catwalks for spring 2024.

At Helmut Lang, the designer said he “wanted it to not look so put together, so the inspiration was hair that hadn’t been washed in a few days,” he told Bazaar Magazine. This look will be super easy to interpret come those hot pool days. And if your hair looks just too ‘done,’ just add some hair oil. Bonus: it will help nourish and moisturize it!

Pure Salon Montreal - The Best Spring 2024 Hair Trends From the Runway to Your Life 2

Knotted Up Hair

In some fashion shows, models with curly or textured hair simply had it knotted up, as if they had done it themselves. This type of hairstyle will look amazing with the big return of boho chic that is poised to make inroads superfast in our closets, as soon as the Montreal weather turns to glorious spring.

Clean centre parts and a few face framing lighter strands can be added to brighten the mood and bring a sun-kissed look to complexions. For more intense texture, just add a sprinkling of dry shampoo. Bonus: it helps sections stay in place more easily, since hair has a better grip and won’t slip.

The Wet Look

A classic that keeps reinventing itself for a very good reason: it’s super easy to recreate and brings a heady dose of glamour when paired with more tailored clothing. That’s the great thing about contrasts. Seen on the catwalk at Miu Miu: model Gigi Hadid showing off her drenched locks while wearing a dark, serious blazer embellished with sparkling black flower sequins.

The wet look is also a great alternative for wet-looking curls that gain more definition and shine. Whether you’re wearing a stunning black bathing suit or are out on the town with your friends.

The whole idea is to embrace your hair’s natural texture and dress it up. That’s the message for this spring’s hair looks at Pure salon Montreal.

The Best Spring 2024 Hair Trends From the Runway to Your Life