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Fall 2023’s Biggest Hair Trends

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Time to hit refresh for fall, now that back to school season and September are just around the corner. Because nothing says ‘new season, new outlook’ better than a different haircut to embrace a groundbreaking chapter in your life about to unroll, may that be a different career path or a shiny new title on your resume — corner office or not! Whether you want a total hair makeover, are thinking of chopping it off into a mullet — yes,Read more

Stylish and Stunning Bangs: Your Ultimate Guide from Pure salon

Pure Salon Montreal - Stylish and Stunning Bangs - Your Ultimate Guide from Pure salon Blog 1

Bangs (or fringe, like the hair pros sometimes call them) have long been a go-to style statement in the beauty and fashion world, adding a touch of chic allure to any look, from beach to red carpet.  So whether you’re opting for soft, wispy bangs or bold, blunt ones, they can instantly transform your appearance and accentuate your unique facial features. However, maintaining those perfect bangs requires some TLC. In this article, we’ll explore styling tips and essential care tipsRead more

Hair Accessory Trends for Summer

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After a great haircut and the most beautiful hair colour created for you in the salon, hair accessories are one of the most playful and important elements of any hairstyle. Particularly for summer 2023, as we’ve seen a resurgence of them on the catwalks for this season’s fashion shows. Plus, hair accessories are always a natural for bridal looks. Whether you’re the bride, bridesmaid or guest.  Here are a few options in terms of hair accessories to elevate your styleRead more

Why You’ll Love ‘Lived-In’ Shades, the New Hair Colour Trend

Pure Salon Montreal - Why You’ll Love ‘Lived-In’ Shades, the New Hair Colour Trend Blog 1

High-maintenance beauty has taken a backseat and we’re all loving hair that is much more natural and easier to manage. Think ringlets, texture, and — the latest — lived-in hair colour.  Yes, we’re trading in precision effects for softer shades, those that will stand out in the beautiful summer afternoon rosy glow, when the sun sets, and those lazy lounge moments around the pool or the terrace. Think sandy blondes, peachy reds, and nutty browns. Right. But What Exactly isRead more

Layered Hair is Super Hot this Season! Should you go for it?

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With all the retro vibe popping up lately — cue in all your favourite looks from Y2K, including low-rise pants, crop tops, and velvet tracksuits — layered hair is once again in the spotlight for spring 2023. Because layers can add texture to thin hair, while enhancing short or longer hair to give it a beautiful new twist. Layered hair took off sometime in the 70s, when women wanted to break away from the traditional blunt haircuts. One of theRead more

The Big Return of Red Hair for Spring 2023

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For the longest time, hair colour has been very much focused on blonds. A lot, actually, when you think about all the balayages and beach hair looks we’ve come to discover and love in the last big cycle of hair colour trends focused on polar and ice blondes. Then in 2022, all of a sudden it was all about “expensive brunettes.” As much as reddish hair was red-hot at the beginning of the 2010s (remember Rihanna during her fire hairRead more

Hair Prep for Spring Break

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It’s time. The plane tickets are booked. Your suitcase is almost all packed — with a dozen bikinis and all your glam beach essentials. But don’t forget to include the maintenance and protection products needed to keep your hair healthy.  And before you leave, it might be a good idea to get a fresh new trim to make sure the ends of your hair are in tip-top shape. You should also consider getting a hair colour refresh, as well, particularlyRead more

The Wolf Haircut and Shorter Hair

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Is the era of balayage and long curls coming to a close? Although there continues to be steady demand from certain clients for this glam/boho hairstyle, a new crop of very different haircuts and hairstyles is coming on strong for 2023. Let’s take a look! Wild and Disconnected Remember the mullet trend from last year? Well, it’s partnering with the 70s-inspired shag for a super on-trend collab where hair is wild, textured, and disconnected with sexy layering. Enter the classicRead more

4 Best Winter Haircuts to Start the Year Fresh

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It’s that time of the year when you want to look glam for your Holiday parties, but you also need some well-deserved downtime to welcome the new year with renewed energy and stamina. Here are some ideas you might want to try out for yourself, as you write down your new year’s resolutions list. Go for it!  A Sleek or Textured Bob  A bob (whether just under the ears or shoulder-length) is a classic hairstyle that can instantly add glamourRead more

Maintenance Tips for Your New Awesome Bob

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A bob is the kind of haircut that keeps coming back on a regular basis for a very simple reason: It’s super stylish, suits most types of faces, and can go from sporty to red carpet-ready in a matter of minutes. And for fall-winter 2022, it’s one of the most popular haircuts on the celebrity circuit and IRL. But before you commit to that shorter haircut, make sure you know what’s involved in terms of maintenance. For a soft bobRead more