Fiery Tones: How to Achieve the Perfect Shade of Red Hair

Pure Salon Montreal - Fiery Tones How to Achieve the Perfect Shade of Red Hair

Just in time for the spring reset in our wardrobes and beauty routines, the palette of auburns, aubergines, and deep mahoganies is taking off! 

From its first outburst in 2023, with Cherry Coke, red hair has been steadily gaining ground with celebrities (hello Dua Lipa!), influencers, and content creators cementing the appeal of reddish tones. Just do a search for #redhair on TikTok and you will see an impressive list of videos to explore. So now it’s your chance to turn up the heat with an even wider range of red shades to choose from, allowing for more personalization than ever in the salon. 

Conquering the Beauty World

Last year’s viral hit, a loud fiery tone, was characterized by deep, burgundy shades that sat between red and violet, reminiscent of the iconic cherry cola drink. Indoors and in dimmed lights, it appeared to have deep violet tones at times, but revealed fiery highlights when hit by bright lights and the sun, giving it that amazing multidimensional look. By the way, this spectacular effect could only be the work of a skilled colourist that can never be achieved with box colour — something to always keep in mind! 

What’s great about the new crop of reds is that it offers more options than the typical spicy hue that’s been traditionally popular in the fall. We’re currently seeing various shades, from vibrant cherry and burgundy to warm copper tones. This trend is a shift from the cooler, ashier tones that were previously in demand, with warmer-toned shades of red becoming increasingly sought-after. And, depending on your mood, all these reds can be adopted in bold transformations or subtle glam touches. It’s always about creating what looks best on you, so have the conversation with your stylist before anything else when it comes to finding the proper tone. 

Pure Salon Montreal - Fiery Tones How to Achieve the Perfect Shade of Red Hair 2

Red Hair Best Maintenance Tips 

It’s a fact that red hair shades are notoriously finicky when it comes to longevity. So you will have to be super meticulous about using the proper routine and products to maintain those gorgeous fiery tones vivid and shiny for as long as possible. 

Again, ensure you are using only professional cleansing and moisturizing products (AKA shampoo and conditioner without any stripping sulfates and loads of moisturizing ingredients).

Yes, you probably already know that when using hot tools to style your hair, you should always apply a heat protection product beforehand to minimize damage and fading.  But this is critical when you have red coloured hair. So be super vigilant about this step! 

Once or twice a month, use a colour-deposit shampoo or conditioner. A good choice? Alchemic, a system of organic and vegan shampoos and conditioners from Davines formulated to intensify and brighten both natural and chemically created reds. 

Now you’re all set to throw some shade! 

Fiery Tones: How to Achieve the Perfect Shade of Red Hair