Secrets to a Great Blowout

Pure Salon Montreal - Secrets to a Great Blowout BlogWe can all spot the telltale signs that scream, “I just left the salon.” With an excellent haircut, brilliant HD shine, and most importantly, a flawless blowout, we all know someone just had a date with their stylist. Luckily, we’ve cracked the vault and stolen the secrets behind a killer blowout (sans hairstylist) to help you maintain that salon look for weeks, until your next visit with your stylist, by turning your bathroom into your own private mini-salon. Because every day should be a good hair day, even on the go. And please, do try this at home.

Stay dry (but do it right)

A gorgeous blowout is a work of art – and you don’t need to be a master hairstylist to do it yourself. For a blowout that’ll last way past your lunch break, start with a solid foundation. Before you bring heat anywhere near your hair, you want to make sure it’s not soaking wet. So take care to towel dry it first. Because hair is prone to breakage when it’s wet, untangle gently with a wide-tooth comb and softly towel dry, blotting hair from scalp to ends. Avoid rubbing hair or wrapping it too tightly, as this can damage strands that lead to frizz and those dreaded split ends.

Stay Protected

To further decrease any risk of damage, a solid heat protectant is a key step to shield your hair from high heat, while infusing it with shine and moisture. For drier, brittle hair that has been chemically treated, go for a cream or oil-based product for a greater dose of hydrating power. Just be sure to use sparingly to avoid it looking greasy. For finer hair, a lightweight spray is your new best friend. Choose a spray that can work overtime: hydrating, protecting, and smoothing hair all at once — a true triple threat. Remember to always concentrate on your ends, those usually need a little extra loving care.


For a salon-grade blowout, properly sectioning hair into 3 (bottom layer, mid layer, and top layer) will ensure that hair dries evenly and maintains the desired shape. Hot tip: start drying the front sections first for a polished result. If you’re craving volume, use a round brush and wrap each section of hair around the brush once, making sure your blow dryer is no closer than an inch away from your strands. Finally, give your roots a little love, and dry in the opposite direction that they naturally fall to give them some lift and show-stopping bounce. For pin-straight locks, we recommend dividing hair into smaller sections and using a flat paddle brush, which will untangle hair without causing any static.

Stay Set

Just like using a setting spray on your face post-makeup, finishing your blowout with a hydrating mist locks moisture in place and keep frizz at bay, maintaining your style all day long. If flyaways are your enemy, use a dime-sized amount of pomade starting at the back of your head to tame and smooth pesky frizz and tangles. Finally, a little serum never hurt anyone, so finishing off with a little extra moisture on your ends will keep your hair happy and protected from high-heat styling tools.

Stay Styled

To make your blowout last as long as possible, avoid elastics as they can leave dents and kinks in your hair. Instead, try a satin scrunchie – they’re super trendy now, too — , and tie your hair in the direction you want it to go (up high for volume, and at the nape of your neck for straighter styles). For ultimate strand protection, and to maintain your blowout while you sleep (because who doesn’t love to multitask?) wrap hair in a silk scarf before you hit the sheets for that “I woke up like this” look without the work.

With these DIY salon secrets, you’ll leave everyone dying to know who your stylist is. But don’t worry, your secret is safe with us, so go ahead and enjoy your sleek, salon-grade strands for weeks on end between visits with your stylist.



Secrets to a Great Blowout