Beautiful Summer Braids!

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Summer days are calling our name! We can all celebrate and toast the return of hot days and long balmy nights. In between BBQs, music festivals, and lounging by the pool, the last thing you want to be doing this season is worrying about your hair. Because we all know that with summer, comes the dreaded and inevitable humidity (sleek hair’s worst nightmare!).

Keeping hair groomed and off your face is key to staying cool and looking fresh this season, but we’re thinking beyond just the classic pony-tail or top-knot. Trying to stay chill and look fresh? We love these 5 easy summer braids that will keep you looking effortlessly chic on even the stickiest of days. Whether you have curly, straight, or textured hair, read on to find your perfect summer braid!


A fishtail braid is a super cute style that looks way more elaborate than it actually is. To get the look, grab a covered elastic and secure it into a pony-tail (the height of your choice) and separate hair into two sections. Then take a third, thinner piece of hair from the beneath the right section. Pull this smaller piece across the centre towards the middle, connect to the left section, and pull tight. Now switch to the left side and repeat the steps. Keep alternating sides to complete the braid, pulling tight as you go. Now off you go!

Milkmaid Braids

The quintessential romantic summer look, the milkmaid braid is a dreamy, low-maintenance style that looks as if you’ve stepped right out of a fairy-tale. To do it, simply make two braids, one on each side of the head. Then take one braid and wrap it across your head. Pin in 3 places: the base, middle, and end of the braid. Repeat these steps with the other braid, and pin in the same 3 places. Finish by tucking the ends of both braids under each other to secure in place. Style with a bit of hairspray, and loosen a few strands above the forehead for a looser, boho look.

Braided Space Buns

The perfect look for festival season (i.e dancing at Oshega!), braided buns are a quick, trendy alternative to a simple top-knot. To get the look, brush hair and part in the middle, ensuring it’s free of any knots or tangles. Then, make two pigtails the height of your choice. Go higher if you’re after a 90’s vibe, or lower for a softer, princess Leia look. Then braid both pigtails and finish by wrapping and securing each braid to the base of the pig-tails.

Rope Braid Pony-Tail

The rope braid pony-tail is a cool girl-approved, flawless summer look. It’s a simple, fresh, and elegant take on more traditional styles, making it a perfect option for your next garden party (or date night!). To style, gather hair into a sleek high pony-tail, and divide into 2 sections. Twist each section tightly and reinforce with gel or pomade to help smooth and protect hair. Then wrap both sections around each other like a rope, and secure at the end with an elastic or ribbon. Finish with setting spray and voilà! You’ll leave everyone at the function wondering, “how did she do it?”.

Dutch Braid

It’s no secret that Dutch braids are a universal style staple, which means you can kiss your messy-bun goodbye. Although they seem intimidating, Dutch braids are just a twist on your classic French-braid, but instead of crossing over, Dutch braids cross under. To achieve the look, make a centre part and divide hair evenly into 2 sections. Starting with one section, take a small piece of hair at the front of your head, and divide into 3 sections. Now, the main difference is instead of braiding over, to get that 3D pop, you simply braid hair under, over, and in-between, adding small sections of hair.

A little sweat is a small price to pay for long summer days- but luckily you can count on braids to keep every last piece of hair dry and tucked away, leaving you looking gorgeous from sunrise to sunset. Wherever this summer takes you, your braid has your back. Now bring on the heat!

Beautiful Summer Braids!