Men’s Hair Styles – 3 Amazing Longer Hairstyles

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No longer only exclusively seen in high-fashion photo shoots or on Influencer’s Instagram accounts, longer, more textured hair is definitely a thing now for your everyday guy. The look is super natural, lived-in, relaxed and rugged. Just like you like it!

But above all, for any long hair style to look really great, your hair will need to be in the best possible condition. So, it’s probably time to take a good, hard look at your personal arsenal of cleansing and styling products to make sure you’re using the best ones for your particular needs.

The Right Products

Now that you’re finally ready to sport that awesome longer hair, the time might finally be ripe to ditch the pharmacy shampoo and the non-professional hair styling products. The reason: the ingredients they’re formulated with are not that great for the health of your hair and, over time, might even make it brittle, porous, and dull.

If you’re ready to take the plunge in your hair game by going to see a top hairstylist or barber, make sure you’re also investing in the right products that are made with the most performing, wholesome ingredients. If you’re looking for something really cutting-edge, you can give Depot a try.

This new line from Italy revisits the original formulas of classic male grooming treatments with current, sophisticated and technologically-advanced reinterpretations. Depot offers a full range of men’s hair and grooming products, including shampoos, hair treatments, hairstyling products, as well as shaving, beard and moustache high-end products.

Now, let’s take a look at three kickass long hair looks for guys.

Slicked Back

If you have medium-length hair, the slicked-back is as easy to achieve as it is polished. And it looks as great with a T-shirt or a tailored suit! Yes, you can even cheat a bit if you have fine hair and create more texture by including a styling product such as dry shampoo that’s designed to add volume. If you already have curly or textured hair, try sweeping the front section of the hair back with a little pomade or mousse for greater hold. And if you totally love the surfer dude look, those curls can be left as is, or slightly broken up for a more rugged, lived-in texture and finish. Everybody loves a bad boy look, from time to time!

Long Textured Waves

This down-and-out classic long hair look made popular by Harry Styles is all about texture and dimension. Essentially, it’s like a day-after pompadour where the crown is mainly deconstructed, while hair has a medium texture and density. Yes, if you have thinning hair you can definitely go for this, particularly if your hair has a bit of natural movement and you can wear it layered. To style it, all you’ll ever need is a lightweight styling mousse applied on damp hair, then simply air dried.

Long Undercut

Love your long straight hair, but want to update it without sacrificing length? Go for an edgy undercut! By cutting the sides and back of your hair super short (with a clipper set to number two or three), your hairstylist will instantly create an incredible contrast between these strategic sections and the long hair that stays on the top of your head. Then, just let you long locks fall to one side for an awesome attitude-filled appearance. This cut can also work well with a ponytail, man bun or topknot, which are ideal for more formal functions during the warmer months of the year.

Now you’re all set to sport that longer mane, man!

Men’s Hair Styles – 3 Amazing Longer Hairstyles