How to Find a Great Hairstylist

If your quest for beautiful hair is on your resolutions list for 2019, finding a great hairdresser is the first step in that direction!

Your hairstylist is your hair guru; the true beauty expert you trust completely to create the stunning looks you crave, who is there to listen and support you in creating the haircut, hair colour and look that matches your current mood and lifestyle. But, most of all, a great hairstylist is a bona fide hair professional who will give you the best recommendations based on the latest scientific discoveries and mastery of hair they possess.

Here are some important points to keep in mind when looking for a new hairstylist.


We all know opinions get magnified — and sometimes even blown out of proportion — on social media. Also, how trustworthy is really that influencer? Is she biased because she’s getting all those freebies, or is it paid-for content?
So, ask around friends and people you know who have great hair for the name of their amazing colourist and stylist who is creating that beautiful, vibrant hair colour or impeccable bangs. Chances are, if you like what you see and are looking for a similar style, you will be happy with the work that same hairstylist can create for you.
When you finally short-list a few names of ‘potential’ new hairstylists, make sure you check out their Instagram account to see if they’re creating the types of looks you want. Always a good place to start…

In Sync

So, you’ve finally found and booked an appointment with the amazing hairstylist you’ve heard so much about. Great! But remember: technique and talent have to be in sync with your personality, as well as your specific wants and needs. If you’re intimidated to ask questions, or feel the hairstylist isn’t listening to what you’re really saying, maybe it’s not the right fit.

Actually, during your very first appointment in a hair salon, a proper consultation should proceed any cut, colour, or even shampoo, since hair’s texture and health cannot be properly assessed when it’s wet. The consultation is pivotal to expressing what you’re looking for in terms of a cut and colour, and the portion of the appointment where the hairstylist can properly explain what they have in mind for you.

Show and Tell

As much as you’ve researched the work of your potential next hairstylist or colourist, make sure you’ve also done your homework when it comes to selecting hairstyles you feel are inspiring or you’d like to wear yourself by bringing photos, or creating a collection on Instagram with looks you love. Also, and particularly if you haven’t had a haircut or colour in a while, bring pics of the previous looks that were so flattering on you, and explain to the new stylist what you liked. Otherwise, you might just end up with an updated look of what you sat down in the chair with.

Test First, Experiment Later

Finally, the last thing to keep in mind when you have a first consultation with a new hairstylist is that it’s not the time to go scissor-crazy and chop it all off, or think you can walk in with dark brown hair and emerge, two hours later, a ravishing platinum blonde. No, it doesn’t work like that in real life!
Start your new relationship slow and steady with a simple trim and maybe a colour gloss. And then open up to exploring new possibilities with further appointments. Like everything else in life, you need a good base and then work up from there.

Have fun exploring and meeting new people!


How to Find a Great Hairstylist