Best Holiday Looks for Hair

Pure Salon Montreal - Best Holiday Looks for HairIt’s almost that time once again for the yearly traditions of Christmas get-togethers and New Year’s Eve parties where you’ll want to look your very best and shine like the star you are. So, slip into those sequins, sprinkle on that glitter, and make sure your hair is party-ready with these hairstyling tips from Pure! 

If you have long hair, you’re lucky enough to already at your disposal have many options to change up your look in a flash for the Holidays. Let’s start with the easiest ones to implement. 

Big Curls 

It’s time to show off your glam side by ditching the timid everyday ponytail and hair pins, to elevate your whole look with shiny big curls or sexy waves. A great option if you have beautiful highlights, too, which will make your luminous colour stand out even more. 

All you need to create this look is a wide-barrel curling iron (between 1 ½ to 2 inches, for some beautiful bounce), and start creating the curls from the back of your head to the sides. If you’re looking for even more volume, you can backcomb a small section at the top of the crown and secure it with a sparkling pin or an elegant hair accessory. 

Glam Waves

Kick the beach waves look up a notch with the ‘red carpet’ version of big curls. Think of these waves as the perfect balance between old Hollywood and the current trend for sexy, easy hair. Perfect for an office Christmas party, a Holiday date night, or family get-togethers, these waves strike the perfect balance between vintage glamour and everything #InstaWorthy.

To get this look, all you need is a flat iron to create inward-facing curls, as opposed to the more flashy waves that curl away from the face. Add a light dusting of glitter, set with a medium to strong-hold spray, and you’re ready to rev up any party! 

Curtain Fringe 

As you’ve seen on our blog, fringes made a big comeback this fall. In particular, the curtain fringe, with its boho retro vibe, was a hit with influencers on Instagram. We all loved the just-rolled-out-of-bed sexy style that looks pretty and effortless. Well, guess what? This look is not going anywhere for the Holidays! 

So, if you want to flaunt these feathery bangs for all your parties, just make sure you have a fresh trim – and, please, never, ever, attempt to do that yourself! – so that your fringe stays pretty throughout the entire Christmas season. Think 3+ weeks, just in case your favourite hairstylist decides to escape somewhere warm and balmy… 

If you want to give your locks a tad more volume, create a bit of a curl with a curling iron, then slightly backcomb hair and add few festive bobby pins. Unless you have super-fine limp hair that needs a bit of hold, no hairspray is needed as this is a natural, ‘undone’ look. 


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High Ponytail 

Super chic, a sleek, high ponytail immediately lends a super sophisticated vibe any outfit, and helps define cheekbones (even without the use of any makeup highlight!). It’s the type of hairstyle you’ll want to consider if you’re thinking of wearing a very elegant midnight blue velvet pantsuit, or a minimal long satin sheath. 

Just make sure you pin or tuck any flyaways under the ponytail (or just help them stay put with strong hold hairspray), and fasten your ponytail with a fabric-covered elastic that matches your hair colour for a seamless look. Now, glow! 

Fishtail Pony 

Yes, braids are still super hot for hair! And they do have their place, too, outside the summer festival circuit, right under the mistletoe. For festive Holiday looks, tone down the hippie vibe a notch by focusing on one single, perfectly braided fishtail pony at the back of the head or to the side, if your hair is really long. 

This is a hairstyle that will look amazing with a beautiful silver ombré hair colour that can even be enhanced with a dramatic shadow root effect. Just make sure your hair has enough grip to create a flawless fishtail pony by adding a slight dusting of dry shampoo before you start braiding. 

Twisted Bun 

Another very popular hairstyle that we’ve seen again and again in 2018, and that can be reinterpreted for the Holiday season is the twisted bun. Simple and very easy to recreate at home, in a flash, for those last-minute party invites. To create a bit of grip and make sure your hair doesn’t start falling down before the night is over, add a bit of dry shampoo before you start pulling the hair up. Strategically place a few loose strands on the sides, to frame your face, then add a pretty satin bow and you’re good to go! 

Wishing you a wonderful and beautiful Holidays from the creative team at Pure salon!

Best Holiday Looks for Hair