Living Coral, The New Colour to Try In 2019

The Colour Authority has done it again! This year, Pantone has announced Living Coral as thecolour of 2019, so get ready for this ocean-inspired hue to take over beauty and haircolour palettes with its vibrant, energizing, and all-natural appeal.

Sparkling Shade

A vibrant shade of orange blended with mellow golden undertones, Living Coral balances movement and stillness, vibrancy and serenity. It’s the sparkling pop of colour found at the bottom of a still ocean. It’s a colour of contradictions and duality, much like the current state of our world.

As viral online trends like the #10yearchallenge expose dark truths about the decline of our natural ecosystems, with posts circulating of lush forests alongside scenes of severe deforestation, and once vibrant oceans now bare and stripped of life, Living Coral is a testament to the urgency to protect our planet and nurture its biodiversity. The colour represents a return to nature, and the process of reconnecting with the striking beauty Mother Earth has to offer.

Inspired by Nature

Pantone’s Living Coral is just that- striking! Search the hashtag #livingcoral on Instagram to see thousands of posts inspired by this lively tone. From makeup looks, interior design, fashion, and food, the colour has already influenced emerging trends in all things related to design and beauty.

Arguably, the most famous Pantone colour declaration was Rose Quartz, in 2016, which has gone by many monikers, including Millennial Pink, Tumblr Pink, and Rose Gold. Whatever you chose to call it, the reign of the Rose is finally over, as Living Coral replaces the youthful and innocent appeal of Rose Quartz, with a dazzling and confident punch of warm, deep sea orange. Living Coral is all grown up, and isn’t afraid to stand up make a statement.

Pure Salon Montreal - Living Coral, The New Colour to Try In 2019

How to Wear Living Coral

Looking for ways to embrace the tone but afraid of going over the top? Combine small statement pieces such as coral scarves to wrap around your neck, bright hoops to dangle below your cheeks, or loud platform sneakers that’ll give you both a few extra inches and a splash of fun colour. Because ultimately that’s what Living Coral is about- it’s the fun of excitement and possibility, of opening yourself up to everything the world has to offer and being brave enough to take it.

For your hair – if you’re ready to take the heady plunge into a lively splash of beautiful, uplifting colour – Davines can help you flaunt the perfect shade of Living Coral with Mask with Vibrachrom colour. This advanced professional hair colour line gives hair intense conditioning power and extraordinarily shiny, long-lasting colour, by penetrating more evenly into the hair structure.

So, now’s the time for a new year full of beautiful possibilities, while you look at the world through coral-coloured glasses. Enjoy!


Living Coral, The New Colour to Try In 2019