Cool Pool Season Look: Big, Puffy Hair Makes a Comeback!

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Summer hairstyles for hot long days are synonymous with more texture and movement. Because, really, who wants to try to tame and control their hair when the humidity is at an all-time high? Going for as little upkeep as possible is the desired course of action. Great, too, for poolside socializing and fun in the sun. 

The Secret Is in the Layers

Have you noticed how on fashion runways, celebrity social feeds, and stylish girls on the street, hair is slowly moving away from those super straight styles? Ringlets, texture and layering are on an upswing, while flat hair is turning into more volume. Even Kim Kardashian (love her or hate her, she’s clearly a style icon) is spot-on the trend with the latest campaign for the launch of her Skims metallic swim collection: cue in the huge, puffy, glam hair of the seventies. Did anybody say Farrah Fawcett’s iconic layered look? 

Although the glam, exuberant and luscious hair of the disco decade had faded up until very recently, the natural beauty, curls and texture it’s known for are reemerging on our social feeds. 

Over on TikTok the hashtag #70shair, mainly with videos showing how to create flipped waves — the quintessential 70s hair accent — has 122.5 million views, while titles such as “How do you do 70’s hair” and “How do I get my 70s hair fluffy?” are trending. 

The general vibe with summer haircuts is that they should be low maintenance and effortless. And this is something that layering easily provides. That means loads of texture and movement, but very little upkeep after you walk out of the salon with your new haircut. What’s more, layers can be customized according to your hair thickness, easily add texture, and make your regular haircut look and feel brand new. 


Your Go-To Hair Tools

Since you will be using your blow dryer to style your hair into that iconic 70s flip, a heat protection hair product is the first thing to apply before plugging in your hot tool. If you’re not skilled enough to use a round brush as you dry your hair, go for heated rollers or — even better — a hot brush which will style and dry at the same time.

If you’re in a rush, use your flat iron or curling wand to curl the hair on the sides of your face away from it more tightly than you usually do it. You will want to find your natural part so that the hair falls nicely. Use a large paddle brush and use it to the ends, to fan out the hair.   

Big volume is the key to this look, so load up on texturizing spray. Apply it from roots to tips, emphasizing the bangs. And then shake and flick that hair!


Hair: Anna Pacitto, Intercoiffure America Canada Collection
Hair Color: Marie Josee Medeiros & Nik Morel
Assistants: Daniel Benoit, Isabelle Lachance, Stephane Scotto Di Cesare, Roch Lemay, Martin Alarie
Model: Jade Rodriguez
Fashion Styling: Florence O Durand
Makeup: Ekaterina Ulyanoff
Photos: Ara Sassoonian 

Cool Pool Season Look: Big, Puffy Hair Makes a Comeback!