Upgrade Your Blonde for Back to School

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As the sun’s rays become longer and you’re headed for back to school for an exciting chapter in your life, your look has to follow your ambitions. Your hair? Well, if you’re bored with balayages, maybe it’s time to try out something new without having to completely forget about being a blonde. Ta dam: Enter ‘mushroom blonde.’

Blondes Get More Subdued 

According to Pinterest, mushroom blonde hair started gaining ground last winter with searches for this colour rising by 15% in just one month. On TikTok, the count us up to a staggering 2.3 billion views, quickly establishing this shade of blonde as the hair must-have for pre-fall 2022. OK, fine. But what does it look like and, more importantly, is it the right one for you? 

If we look at the evolution of blondes, the colour has been drastically toned down in the last two years. We’re seeing less of those high-intensity platinums, and ashier tones on red carpets and on celebrity’s socials. Add a dash of rosé — yes pinks are still around, and even play up the intensity card with bold candy colours — and all the ingredients are in place for new blondes that are richer and deeper. Mushroom blonde falls into this category. 

With its subtle tones of gray and silver, mushroom blonde is perfect for those who prefer their blondes on the cooler side without going over-the-top with a bluish polar ice. Also looks great on a lot of different skin tones, if you’re wondering what shade would be good for you. In any case, your colourist will fine-tune the shade in their colour bar to make if just right for you in the salon.

Adapting This New Blonde 

Like any other colour, there are many options to enjoy this new beautiful ash blonde on your own hair starting, of course, with a classic balayage. But to give your hair even more depth you could go with a reverse balayage, meaning your colourist will create freehand painting to the crown rather than the ends of your hair. So you end up with a dark-to-light contrast with a shadow root. 

If you love ombre style hair colour, well hello, glow! Formulated with a stronger silver undertone, mushroom blonde boasts a liquid metallic sheen that’s hard to resist. Also remember that mushroom blonde looks amazing as a multi-tonal look for that current fresh look. 

Maintenance? Well, it’s really a no-brainer. Just use the usual purple shampoo for blondes and you’re good to go. Alchemic Shampoo Silver, from Davines, a colour-enhancing purple shampoo for platinum and cool blonde tones, is formulated to intensify and illuminate these natural or coloured blonde shades.

Upgrade Your Blonde for Back to School