Summer Hairstyles: Micro Bangs for Maximum Style

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Your poolside look has landed via micro bangs for the height of summer 2022. A chic, bold statement, these mini fringes are amazing if you want an edgier style for the hotter months, with the added bonus of little maintenance or commitment. Once you’ve outgrown the trend — literally—, just let your hair morph into curtain bangs, or longer. And there, you’re done and ready for a new hair adventure! 

Is This Look for You? 

Every change of season or so, we all contemplate new ways to freshen up our look. One question that keeps popping up in salons is: “Do you think I should I get bangs?” 

A lot of clients are getting bangs right now whether sweeping fringes or shorter ones. This can be attributed to the fact that they mostly flatter everyone. They help add dimension to round faces, soften a strong jawline, and, when much shorter, can frame your forehead so that those beautiful full brows and lashes are front and centre. In real life and on your social feeds. 

Micro bangs, aka baby bangs, are just one version of this haircut. They’re the shorter cousin of a classic fringe; instead of grazing your eyebrows or blending seamlessly into hair layers, these bangs are usually only around one to two inches long. While some might say this look is not for the faint of heart, it’s perfect to have fun for a couple of months. Particularly during a Montreal summer when you want to pack tons of style in a short time. 

We’ve seen curtain bangs sweep up the style radar in the last few years, and recently runway fashion shows and a few important influencers have given micro bangs another glorious head start. 

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Texture and Maintenance 

Fringes often get a bad rep for being high maintenance, but getting bangs doesn’t necessarily mean you’re signing up for endlessly styling them and running to the salon every two weeks for a trim. Even if you have curly hair, you can still confidently embrace this trend and let its natural texture evolve, as the weeks go by.

Whatever route you decide to go with your micro bangs this summer, make sure they always look fresh. Because they sit on the forehead, they tend to absorb skin’s natural oils very fast. And particularly in high humidity temperatures. So dry shampoo is your BFF. Just sprinkle it on whenever necessary to keep the oil under control. A good choice: This is an Invisible Dry Shampoo from Davines, to refresh and clean hair without using water. It absorbs oil and impurities leaving behind a soft and natural finish.

Tempted by baby bangs? Why not, it’s your time to look fab this summer! 

Summer Hairstyles: Micro Bangs for Maximum Style