Your 2018 Beauty Resolution : Stunning Hair!

Wouldn’t you love your hair to look everyday like you just stepped out of the salon? Silky smooth, big bouncy curls, and a stunning shade you just need to post with a selfie…

Of course, hair professionals take the utmost care in creating the most beautiful look that will fit your style and your personality, and they also craft splendid custom shades (impossible to recreate unless you train with the most sought-after master colourists in the world….). But once you leave the salon, you too, have the power to put into practive the beauty rituals to make sure you have ‘insta-worthy’ hair, 365 days a year!

Here are the best ‘beauty resolutions’ from our hair and colour experts at Pure.

Nik :

“Whatever you do, never cut your own bangs.”  “You get exactly what you pay for!”

Josée :

“The Alchemic line from Davines for home use is specially formulated to intensify and brighten natural and coloured hair thanks to a very high concentation of pure colour pigments. Leave the conditioner on for five minutes to optimise the colour result. Deeply moisturizing, nourishing and very pigmented for vivid results!”

Roch :

“If you’re thinking of a complete colour transformation (from brown to light blond, for instance), you need to book a consultation. This is how your colourist will determine the best course of action for that coveted colour transition, while minimising hair damage. The process can take several appointement to reach the desired hair shade and intensity.”

Pure’s Beauty Tips:

  • Always use professional shampoos and conditioners for at-home use; they’re formulated with gentle ingredients that will not only protect your hair colour, but also nourish.
  • Unless you’re a high-performance athlete who trains every day  — like Genie Bouchard ! – most hair scalps don’t need shampoo on a daily basis.
  • Head over heels for hot tools? Make sure you always prep your hair with a heat protector before blow-drying or using the hair straightener. These specialty products help protect your hair and will preserve the beauty of the shade your colourist has custom-created for you with utmost care.
Your 2018 Beauty Resolution : Stunning Hair!