What’s the Difference Between Hair Botox and Nanoplastia?

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Professional hair treatments focusing on reducing volume and restoring shine and health to the hair fibre have evolved a lot in the last 10 years. First there was hair botox, and now there is nanoplastia (also written ‘nanoplasty’). Although very similar, there are key differences in the type of results these two hair smoothing services provide, and how they work. Let’s take a closer look at how that’s achieved.

Hair Botox

Hair botox is an in-salon treatment formulated with keratin, vegan oils, amino acids and collagen that deeply penetrates the cortex to moisturize and repair the hair’s structure. It’s ideal for chemically processed hair (think bleach blonde) that’s been in the sun a lot, like at the end of the summer. In fact, the more damaged and dried out, the more dramatic the results will be with a hair botox treatment.

Unlike the first generation of keratin hair smoothing treatments, hair botox does not release any toxic fumes or chemical smells when it’s applied, and is super gentle on your scalp. Hair botox repairs the fibre from within. You want to keep your curls? No problem! Hair botox will not flatten out hair, permanently straighten it, or change its natural curl pattern. In fact, the main benefit of hair botox is that it works on dull, lacklustre and porous hair to bring back its youthful, and natural softness, while adding tons of shine.

The results last about two to three months, and can be repeated as often as needed.

Pure Salon Montreal - What’s the Difference Between Hair Botox and Nanoplastia 2


A new type of hair straightening service in the salon, nanoplasty is a unique organic formula containing amino acids, collagen, and many more beneficial active nutrients. The goal is to promote shiny and healthy hair without any harmful chemicals involved in the process. The result, however, is different than hair botox, as it permanently straightens and smooths hair — bye bye flat iron every time you wash your hair, while minimizing heat damage, too.

Unlike hair botox, nanoplastia straightens 70-90% of hair, and the results last about two to three months.

Which one you choose depends on what final results you want (natural texture or really smooth). However, they are both great deep-conditioning treatments that everyone will need, from time to time, whether your hair is natural or you colour it very frequently. Think of hair botox or nanoplasty as the beauty boost your hair needs and loves anytime during the year!

What’s the Difference Between Hair Botox and Nanoplastia?