Maintenance Tips for Your New Awesome Bob

Pure Salon Montreal - Maintenance Tips for Your New Awesome Bob 1

A bob is the kind of haircut that keeps coming back on a regular basis for a very simple reason: It’s super stylish, suits most types of faces, and can go from sporty to red carpet-ready in a matter of minutes. And for fall-winter 2022, it’s one of the most popular haircuts on the celebrity circuit and IRL.

But before you commit to that shorter haircut, make sure you know what’s involved in terms of maintenance.

For a soft bob that skims the shoulders, you can go a few months before a new trim. But a sharp bob will require you visit your hairstylist about every six weeks — particularly if you also have bangs. Generally speaking, blunter, precise haircuts require more frequent trims. Softer cuts grow out well and can tolerate a bit more length before they start to look messy and unkept.

Shiny and Smooth

Moving into the Holiday season, you’re probably in the mood for hair that’s a little bit more glammed up. For a bob, that probably means you’ll want that slick mirror shine and super smooth finish. To keep it sleek, mare sure you keep flyaways under control with a hair primer. Alternately, a heat protection product will also play this important hairstyling role, while helping prevent split ends and ensuring hot hair tools don’t deplete hair of its important moisture factor.

To get the sleekest finish possible, blow-dry your hair from the top down, which helps minimize volume and texture. Use a paddle brush as you work section by section, pinning hair and making your way from the bottom to the top; meaning your last sections will be closer to the crown. Since hair sets as it cools, always use the cool air shot once you’re done with the blow dryer.

Pure Salon Montreal - Maintenance Tips for Your New Awesome Bob 2

Flat Iron Magic

A good quality flat iron is essential to helping achieve a perfectly smooth, high shine bob, since it helps close the cuticles tight. Choose one with tourmaline or ceramic plates that heats to high temperature quickly, while dispensing it evenly, so you can avoid multiple passes to achieve the result you want. It also minimizes damage to the hair.

When using the flat iron, make sure hair is pulled taut, since that will help achieve the smoothest result. Finish with the fringe.

Once you’re done using the flat iron, wait for hair to cool and then add a quick mist of finishing spray for added shine. Now you’re ready to wow everyone!


Hairstyle: Anna Pacitto, co-owner and co-artistic director of Pure salon, and Artistic Director of Intercoiffure America Canada. 
Maintenance Tips for Your New Awesome Bob