What’s a Hair Botox Treatment, and What Can It Do for You?

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A Hair Botox treatment is one of the most effective professional services you can get in a salon for your hair, if you’re looking to restore flexibility and reduce frizz, while keeping your natural curls.

It’s similar to a conditioning mask, but it’s actually quite different in terms of results. It’s one of the only treatments that penetrates the three layers of the hair and reaches the cortex to deeply moisturise and repair the hair’s structure. Hair Botox is excellent to treat dull, lacklustre and porous hair. It helps regain moisture that is lost over time, and brings back a youthful natural shine, while adding that beautiful softness we all love!

Good Ingredients for Beautiful Hair

The main ingredients in Royal Botox are keratin, vegetable oils, amino acids and collagen, which help create a protective barrier around the hair shaft, while deeply penetrating its fibres. When applied, it releases no toxic fumes or chemical smells and is super gentle on your scalp and hair.

Even if it’s called ‘botox’ this hair treatment does not contain Botulinum toxin like skin injections do. Since hair does not have any muscles it would not have any effect. The name comes from the fact that it’s a true rejuvenating treatment for damaged and dull hair and works by filling in between the individual fibres of the hair to help give it back its fullness and to smooth the cuticle. This is why a Hair Botox treatment provides amazing results and incredible shine which tend to last longer than any other hair service.

Much like anti-age products, Hair Botox moisturises and restores beauty. It also removes chemical residues that sometimes clings to hair. Hair Botox’s main objective is to work as would an anti-aging treatment on skin, bringing it back to its original, virgin state by clearing, hydrating and repairing it.

Who Should Use Hair Botox?

The great news is that Hair Botox is suitable for all hair types but performs even more amazingly on damaged and bleached hair.

If your hair is in poor condition because of the frequent use of hair colour (especially blondes or balayages), hot tools, which can cause mechanical damage by roughing up the hair cuticle, or an overexposure to the sun without proper UV protection, a Hair Botox treatment is definitely the prescription for you!

Keep in mind that if your hair is very poor condition or extremely dry, a second treatment might be necessary after two months to achieve the best results.

So, say hello to beautiful, shiny and resilient hair with Hair Botox!

What’s a Hair Botox Treatment, and What Can It Do for You?