The Shaggy Bob – Hair Trend for 2020

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Change is in the air for the new season ahead. And if you haven’t noticed it yet on social media, your stylist or colourist will soon be making new suggestions for you to try and change your hairstyling game. Ready to take on the challenge? Here are a few tips you won’t want to miss!

Layering Is Everything!

What started out as a more extreme trend for some avant-garde European hairstylists in the last two years, or so, is now a bit subtle but is steadily gaining traction for everyday hair. We are, of course, referring to the iconic shag haircut which was first seen in the late boho 60s. For 2020, enter the shaggy bob!

According to Anna Pacitto, Co-Artistic Director and Co-Founder of Pure salon, “we’re going to see more layered cuts, as in a shag, with a fringe or a curtain fringe. In terms of finish, it will be either straight or with a bit of texture.” That’s when styling products like a dry shampoo will come in very handy to give hair that matte, slightly dishevelled look. Super cute for the longer spring days ahead, too.

Pure Salon Montreal - The Shaggy Bog - Hair Trend for 2020 Blog 2

The Ultra-Trendy Bob 

Master Hairstylist Daniel Benoit and also Co-Founder of Pure salon thinks that “the shag, which started out as the season’s extreme look, but tailored to each client’s looks and needs, has quickly changed to adapt the very layered locks by cutting straight, clean exterior lines,” which has led to the return of the uber-sexy bob. Ultra-versatile, the bob can take you from office to after-work drinks, and then straight to the weekend. Athleisure has never looked so chic than with a bob!

However, this year’s bob is not as sleek as the one we’ve seen in previous seasons. In fact, because it was adapted from the shag, it’s much more layered and it has that wonderful, easy, lived-in quality.

More Natural Hair Colour

Yes, we’ve all seen it. The Instagram feed of never-ending balayages and beach blonde looks. So, is this the end of the mega-trend?

It seems that the ‘Influencer beauty look,’ as some people have called it, is losing momentum and we’re entering a new era where highlighted hair “that comes up higher on the nape and closer to the scalp, will be the new hair colour technique to watch for,” says Monia Grieco, a hair colourist at Pure salon. “We’re also going to be seeing softer, more natural shades, as clients are taking a step back from the flashier, pop colours of the past few years.”

Enter the gentler, more organic palette of beautiful, diffused blondes, classic, shiny browns and rich coppers. What it means for you? Maybe it’s time to express yourself in a more natural fashion… 


Images: Pinterest, Salon Pure 

The Shaggy Bob – Hair Trend for 2020