Two Big Hair Colour Trends You’ll Love for Fall

Pure Salon Montreal - Two Big Hair Colour Trends You’ll Love for Fall Blog 1

Now that we’re looking forward to reconnecting socially IRL, having beautiful hair becomes more relevant than ever. And a colour refresh is just what you need for the change of season. Whether you want no-maintenance roots or a straightforward single process, we’ve got you covered with the new look you’ll love this Fall at Pure!

Shadow Roots

If you feel it’s time to move away from the super pale, beach blondes, of late summer but still want the luminosity that comes from being blonde, a shadow root might be the route to take. With a darker tone at the roots that gradually blends into a lighter shade on the mid-shaft and ends, this colour is almost designed to mimic natural regrowth, but with the all artistry of expert colourists making sure to create the perfect tones and fusion of shades. It’s also ideal for most, since it suits almost all shades of hair and skin tones.

Blondes absolutely love it for those cooler months since it’s more forgiving in terms of colour maintenance. Careful, though, if you do have a lot of greys. In that case your colourist will have to cover those silver roots to incorporate them into the subtle end result. Which also means you’ll have to come back to the salon more often for a touch-up.

Pure Salon Montreal - Two Big Hair Colour Trends You’ll Love for Fall Blog 2

Delicious Chocolate Brown

As we welcome the change of colours in nature to darker, more saturated hues, maybe you’re also in the mood to tone down those bright sunny blondes and bleached-out ends and step into something a little deeper. Chocolate brown is a great choice since it adds richer tones. You can achieve this by adding lowlights or a hair gloss to your paler tresses. Extra bonus? They bring back incredible shine and bounce to your hair.

Cool chocolate lowlights tend to be deeper on uncoloured new growth, lighter in the mid-lengths and tips to create more dimension and depth. Another advantage to a cool chocolate shade? If you have fine hair, it makes it look thicker. The overall result is super shiny and healthy-looking, even without an additional hair botox treatment. To maintain chocolate brown’s cool shade, just make sure you use a blue shampoo. Much like purple shampoos tone down any yellow in blonde hair, blue pigments eliminate brassiness, or the dreaded green tinge when transitioning from a very light blonde to brunette.

Whatever shade and hair colour effect you decide to go for, make sure you extend the life of your new beautiful hair by maintaining it with professional care products. Just ask your hairstylist what they recommend at your next appointment.

Two Big Hair Colour Trends You’ll Love for Fall