Tips for Great Curly Hair

Hair comes in many shapes, and no matter which types of locks you sport, finding out how the other half lives is always tempting. However, no matter how you style your hair, there are some realities associated with straight, wavy and curly hair that need to be understood and cared for.

Blame it on your DNA

Whether your hair is stick straight or full of corkscrew curls, you have your genes to thank. Scientists once thought that the curliness of hair was determined by the hair shaft itself, but since then they have discovered that it’s the shape of the hair follicle (the part of the skin where the hair grows) that determines both the shape of the hair and the angle at which it exits the scalp. Curly hair is oval and grows at a sharp angle with respect to the scalp.

These physical differences tend to make curly hair drier than straight hair. Why?  Simple gravity. It’s harder for natural oils secreted on the scalp to travel down the shaft of curly hair than it is on straight hair. This is why curly hair often turns into frizzy hair that’s dry and brittle.

Humidity can make curly hair even curlier. Correction: make that frizzy and out of control! And we know how much curly girls hate that. Right? What happens is that the humidity gets absorbed into the hair fiber, which then forces the hair shaft to revert to the original shape dictated by its original structure.

Pamper your curls

“Curly hair needs a lot of hydration. It’s so important to have the right hydrating products for your locks…”, says Monia Grieco, a curly hair specialist at Pure Salon and a Davines educator. “Frizzier textured curls benefit most from emollient-rich products such as Davines Oi roucou oil or Davines Oi conditioner. Whereas softer curls benefits most from an appropriate conditioner like Love for curls by Davines, I just love rehydrating my next-day curls by using Davines Love Curl Refresher. It helps my curly hair look as fresh as on day one. “ See our story on how to wash your hair with conditioner, co-wash.

Great Davines products combined with some simple everyday tips can make enjoying and flaunting your beautiful curls a breeze!

Comb your hair from the ends up
Starting at the bottom allows you to detangle each knot, instead of pushing them all down and combining them, which can compound the problem.

Use a wide-tooth comb and not a brush
Curly hair is more fragile than straight hair. Each curl is a possible breaking point. A wide-tooth comb is the best way to detangle and style while maintaining the natural wave or curl.

Avoid split ends
Split ends never look good, but on curly hair they tend to increase frizz and limit bounce. Head to the hairstylist every six weeks or so for a quick trim.

Use a diffuser to even out your curls and improve body
This simple attachment can limit frizz, help even out your curls and increase volume.

Tips for Great Curly Hair