The Wolf Haircut and Shorter Hair

Pure Salon Montreal - The Wolf Haircut and Shorter Hair 1

Is the era of balayage and long curls coming to a close? Although there continues to be steady demand from certain clients for this glam/boho hairstyle, a new crop of very different haircuts and hairstyles is coming on strong for 2023. Let’s take a look!

Wild and Disconnected

Remember the mullet trend from last year? Well, it’s partnering with the 70s-inspired shag for a super on-trend collab where hair is wild, textured, and disconnected with sexy layering. Enter the classic mullet shape, shorter at the top with longer layers in the back, and the result is the up-and-coming wolf cut, which you will see a lot of in 2023.

The great thing about the wolf cut is that it can be as wild as you like, depending on the amount of layering, and how messy you decide to style it. For a greatly texturized wolf cut, you might want to sprinkle a bit of dry shampoo at the roots to lift the hair and give it more volume. Your wolf cut can also be a little bit more subdued, if you have less layering and the styling is more controlled. There are tons of great styling products available right now designed to set and finish hair to match your personality and style. Just go for it!

Pure Salon Montreal - The Wolf Haircut and Shorter Hair 2

One Word: Shorter!

If last year was all about the bob, expect hair to go even shorter in 2023. At least according to Pinterest predictions, which analyzes the most popular searches and pins in fashion and beauty on the social media platform. So, expect to see a lot of pixie cuts, short bobs, and lots of bangs. Perfect for those hesitating to go all the way, a fringe offers the option of shorter hair in a more controlled way. Bonus: It grows out quickly if you decide it’s really not your style.

Can’t decide whether to go for a pixie or a bob? Well, then, the bixie is for you! And no, we’re not talking about the bicycle sharing program in Montreal. Essentially, the bixie haircut offers the fullness and volume of the pixie, with the versatility of the bob. So, yes, it can be in a multitude of lengths. And like all other haircuts at Pure salon, it will always be personalized, just for you.

The Wolf Haircut and Shorter Hair