4 Best Winter Haircuts to Start the Year Fresh

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It’s that time of the year when you want to look glam for your Holiday parties, but you also need some well-deserved downtime to welcome the new year with renewed energy and stamina. Here are some ideas you might want to try out for yourself, as you write down your new year’s resolutions list. Go for it! 

A Sleek or Textured Bob 

A bob (whether just under the ears or shoulder-length) is a classic hairstyle that can instantly add glamour and sophistication to any look, while also being kind of sporty if you need to downplay the drama. Whether you choose to have your bob super sleek, with a mirror-shine finish, or with a bit more movement and texture (the shaggy bob) comes down to your own natural hair and how much hairstyling work you want to get yourself into. But both are amazing hairstyles that suit almost any type of features and wardrobe style, whether power suit of cashmere track suit. 

Barbiecore Blonde 

The movie is slated to open next July, but we’re already living under the huge Barbie influence. Yes, all that hot pink clothing popping up on your social media feed, the neon sportswear, and the sunnier blonde hair (if you’ve noticed, there is less white polar blonde hair lately) are all elements of this important fashion and beauty trend. Plus, add to that the encore for voluminous hair from the 90s, and you’re all set to see and use more volumizing spray and powder at the roots, hot rollers for added body, and beautiful, luxurious hair extensions for more length, overall. 

Pure Salon Montreal - 4 Best Winter Haircuts to Start the Year Fresh Blog 2

The Pixie Short Haircut 

Once a cult favourite of rebellious cool chicks, the pixie haircut has grown up and is now increasingly adopted by a many different stylish people, with many different hair textures. In winter, it’s a super practical since you can wear almost any type of hat and headgear — hello balaclavas! — and your hair remains flawless under even the worst climate conditions. If you want to make your pixie more current, try longer (but still uneven bangs) and super short sides. Rebel look not included. 

Wavy and Sexy 

Waves for days. Yes, it’s still very much a thing for this winter 2022. Think of them as the natural evolution of beach waves, but with a softer texture, more bounce and glam. To pull off the perfect curl, just make sure your hair is super healthy, well nourished, and naturally shiny by using the products your hairstylist recommends — particularly if you colour your hair often or use a lot of hot styling tools. And even more important in the case of big bouncy curls, since you will likely need the added help of a curling iron or wand. For a more lived-in finish, just run your fingers through your hair. And you’re set. 

4 Best Winter Haircuts to Start the Year Fresh