Hair Prep for Spring Break

It’s time. The plane tickets are booked. Your suitcase is almost all packed — with a dozen bikinis and all your glam beach essentials. But don’t forget to include the maintenance and protection products needed to keep your hair healthy. 

And before you leave, it might be a good idea to get a fresh new trim to make sure the ends of your hair are in tip-top shape. You should also consider getting a hair colour refresh, as well, particularly if you have a delicate shade that tends to fade. 

Sun-Loving Protection

Just like we slather SPF on our skin the minute we’re about to step into the sun, we should always reach out for a sun protection product specifically formulated to protect hair from harmful UV rays and other oxidation. And while a cute bucket hat, wide-brimmed straw hat, or cap, offer some protection remember the sun shielding they provide is mostly on the top of your head and scalp. 

So, your beautiful blond balayage and tips also need to be protected effectively with a UV spray every time you’re about to lounge around the pool or on deck for a glam boat ride. Bonus: these sun protection sprays create an invisible screen to help protect your hair from the drying effects of the sun, while also making it well hydrated, shiny and smooth.

Moisture Control

If you’re headed down south for a few days during your well-deserved spring break — with your family or solo — one thing you absolutely need to pack for your hair beauty needs is a hydrating frizz control product. This is the real deal to maintain beautiful curls and textured hair in a high humidity setting like the beach, without having hair go completely crazy with frizz and out of control volume. 

Conditioning Mask

To double up on the sun protection and minimize damage from chlorine, wind, and hot styling tools if you’re not letting your hair dry ‘au naturel’ while on vacation, pack a conditioning mask Like the OI Hair Butter from Davines. Even the name sounds yummy! This antioxidant nourishing butter has an anti-frizz action that brings amazing softness and immediate effect on your hair. Now you’re ready for a memorable night out on the beach!

Hair Prep for Spring Break