The Big Return of Red Hair for Spring 2023

Pure Salon Montreal - The Big Return of Red Hair for Spring 2023 Blog 1

For the longest time, hair colour has been very much focused on blonds. A lot, actually, when you think about all the balayages and beach hair looks we’ve come to discover and love in the last big cycle of hair colour trends focused on polar and ice blondes. Then in 2022, all of a sudden it was all about “expensive brunettes.”

As much as reddish hair was red-hot at the beginning of the 2010s (remember Rihanna during her fire hair phase?), copper and cinnamon had taken a backseat. But the appeal of red has been magnetizing for celebrities, influencers, and on-trend people, lately. A quick scroll of TikTok will tell you #redhair has 6.1 billion views, while #redhairtransformation garners 6.1 million views. Not bad for a hair colour that had been MIA for a little while!

Pure Salon Montreal - The Big Return of Red Hair for Spring 2023 Blog 2

What Shade to Try?

If you’re coming from blonde and you want to transition to a copper, a hair gloss is the easiest way to test out a new shade, without it being too heavy on commitment. If you love the look — great! The next step will be to work with your colourist to make it a more permanent story.

For spring 2023, we’re seeing a wide assortment of beautiful red shades to choose from, starting with the biggest hair colour story of the season: cherry cola red! A strong, vibrant and of-the-minute trend that we’ve been seeing on our social feeds, red carpet events, and in real life, this deep red hair can be suitable for most, depending on how intense the hair colourist decides to go. Your cola red can be closer to a cherry copper, or it can be much closer to a deep brown with a hint of violet and a cooler tone.

Of course, strawberry blonde is still a big favourite when it comes to choosing a reddish tone for your hair. The reason? It’s one of those super-classical shades like a cool, rich platinum that always makes a strong and striking statement.

If not, you can always opt for a nutty red, closer to a brunette and with a warmer base. This shade of red suits most people. And remember, your favourite hair colourists at Pure always customize every hair colour so it matches your unique skin tone and features beautifully!

The Secret is the Maintenance

When it comes to any new hair colour, your best bet is to make sure all the subtleties of the colour remain beautiful and well pigmented until your next professional appointment is your at-home routine.

Your chances at maintaining all the richness of your new red are multiplied if you choose to include both pigmented shampoo and conditioner, such as the ones from the Alchemic line from Davines, in red. Both professional products are designed to intensify and illuminate the scope of reds. And you’re going to love the results to flaunt week after week your new beautiful red hair!


Credits Second Photo:
Hair/coiffure: Anna Pacitto
Coloration: Pure salon
Makeup/maquillage: Alexandre Deslauriers & Richard St-Laurent
Fashion styling/stylisme mode: Florence O Durand
Photo: Brian Ypperciel

The Big Return of Red Hair for Spring 2023