Shadow Root – The Hot Trending Haircolour Effect

There’s nothing like the amazing feeling of stepping out of the salon with a brand-new colour. But as we all know, there’s no way of avoiding the return of visible roots after a few weeks.

Revealing dark roots has classically been viewed as a big no-no. But now, thanks to celebs like Gigi Hadid and Kylie Jenner, the style community has finallyacknowledged the reality that hair grows! By embracing the Shadow Root trend you can flaunt your natural hair color, and experiment with endless hues. For a daring look, you can even go bright and bold by splashing your roots with an eye-catching colour!

The beauty of the Shadow Roots trend is that it’s super versatile. From subtle to more dramatic, the style possibilities are endless! All you need is inspiration and an excellent colourist who knows how to perform proper root blending. This trend is all about creating cascading gradient looks, beautifully blending the tones between your coloured locks and natural hair. By merging warm and cold hues with the Shadow Root technique, you can make your eye colour pop, enhance your skin-tone, and experiment with a ton of other colours while transitioning in between hair shades.

For instance, if you can’t decide whether to go full-on platinum blonde, or maintain your natural brunette hair colour, the Shadow Root technique permits you to sample “bronde”. This look involves colouring the hair a darker shade down to the eye level, while the rest is kept a lighter shade of blonde or brown. Suddenly, your natural roots look intentional and stylish, and not like you just missed an appointment with your hair colourist.

If a more natural look is what you’re going for, ask your stylist for a gloss or smudging, which is done after your hair has been coloured and toned. This last step involves applying a toner only to your roots, “smudging” the borders between where the roots end and the color begins. A half-inch of shadow glossing will draw more attention to your highlights, whereas a two to three root gloss creates a subtle ombre effect.

Now for the best part. Because the toner naturally fades within a few weeks, as your roots grow in you’ll never have to worry about any revealing “lines” to give them away! Gloss smudging completely eliminates harsh contrasts, and can create endless haircolour and tone combinations depending on your natural hair colour, and the look you’re going for.

From statement looks to seamless blending, from blonde, redhead, to brunette, the Shadow Root technique makes fearing a missed salon date a thing of the past. Ask your favourite hairstylist at Pure Salon about how you can introduce Shadow Roots into your next hair colour experimentation. And remember, have fun!


Shadow Root – The Hot Trending Haircolour Effect