How to go blond with style!

How to go blond with style

So, you’re thinking about lightening your hair and finally going full-on blond. But where do you start? Everyone has heard about hair bleach, and you’d assume that it’s as straightforward as whitening a piece of clothing. If only!

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. The reason hairstylists call it lightening — and not bleaching — , is that going from brunette to blonde is a process. The darker your hair is to begin with, the longer it will take to lighten it. You have to lighten hair gradually, from one level to the next. Doing it all in just one appointment is not really recommended. Unless you’re willing to spend up to eight hours in the chair with the addition of a ton of anti-breakage products like Olaplex! Hint: that’s how Kim Kardashian morphed from glossy brunette to platinum siren in one day.


The Right Shade of Blond

With some patience and the expertise of your colorist, you can choose the right path and make yours that coveted champagne shade or silver mane, while exploring and testing out the warmer tones in between. If you want to ensure a beautiful, gradual transition, consider only going one or two shades lighter per appointment. This way, your stylist will be able to easily tone it to avoid unnatural-looking colours.

Each person’s hair will only lighten so much. Lightening hair is a complex operation. After all, we’re dealing with chemical reactions, right? Although new products permit stylists to push ‘lifting’ hair further, these hair colour changes need to be met with realistic expectations. The number of appointments required will vary, depending on your hair and the desired result.

How to go blond with style

Although you may not yet be having more fun on your journey to blond, getting there is part of the story. The great news is that “blond” is a look nearly everyone can achieve, no matter what your skin tone. Really! Just have a look at #blondhair on Instagram. We make no promises about makeup or styling, but the blond hair looks great. And yes, as you may have seen, men go blond too.

If you choose to go full on platinum, keep in mind that it’s a delicate shade that needs a lot of upkeep. For dark, long hair that’s going for pale, talk to your hairstylist or colourist so they can help you minimise damage and breakage.


Some Things to Consider

  • Your roots are the most important part of your hair. Keeping them and your scalp free from damage can go a long way towards helping your hair stay healthy and your colour hold. If some visible regrowth does not bother you, spacing out your lightening appointments can be a good idea. Plus, shadow root, a haircolour effect where roots are visibly darker than the rest of the hair, is a super cool and trendy look!
  • Blond hair also looks great with highlight or lowlights, to add variety in an otherwise too uniform colour. Lightening a few shades and then adding some highlights or a balayage can be a great option that permits you to enjoy being blond.

Once all the work is done and you’re finally having all that extra fun as a blond, remember to take good care of your new favourite colour. Conditioner, masks and serum, such as those in the Davines Minu line, can help protect your hair, maintain vibrancy, and minimise damage.

How to go blond with style!