Should I Get Curtain Bangs?

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If you’ve been paying close attention to your Instafeed recently, you’ve probably asked yourself this question more than once, given the incredible number of celebs and influencers from all over the globe who are rocking this super-stylish fringe. So, here’s all you need to know about one of the biggest hair trends in 2019: wispy, sexy bangs!

Curtain Bangs Are Hot!

Even though there is a wide variety of fringes out there (yes, that’s the proper name professional hairstylists use), curtain fringes or bangs are currently the most sought-after style in 2019. In fact, their popularity on Pinterest searches are up by 600 per cent this year alone!

However, the trend is not necessarily new. Since pouty French starlet Brigitte Bardot ignited the silver screen back in the 1960’s with her blonde locks framing her sultry face, it’s been coming back in style every decade or so. Maybe because the look is so versatile. Just move the fringe a bit and it frames eyes and cheekbones. While gently tucked back behind the ears, it opens up the features. No wonder celebrity A-listers like Camila Cabello and Dakota Johnson are known for the cool, sexy look.
Other than curtain bangs, there are a lot of varieties you can pick to suit your style and personality. But whatever you end up choosing, follow this simple advice: The end of your bangs will draw attention to that part of your face. For example, very short bangs emphasize the eyebrows, while longer ones give the face the illusion of a more oval shape.

Are Bangs For You?

Before you commit to this new look, here are a few things you need to keep in mind if you want your fringe to be flawless 24/7. Or close to that!

  • You will need to style your fringe every day. Or at least every time you wash your hair.
  • Regular appointments with your hairstylist are a must. If you crave a short, blunt look, you’ll need to go to the salon every three to four weeks. Curtain bangs or a wispy fringe can last longer, from six to eight weeks between bookings.
  • What’s the natural texture of your hair? Very fine or thin hair will not have enough density for a heavy, very straight fringe. While, on the other hand, super textured hair will not do well with baby bangs, but is wonderful for graduated layers with a wispy curtain bang. Talk to your stylist during the consultation to find out the pros and cons of your unique hair texture when considering a fringe.

Best Styling Tools and Products

A flat iron will quickly become your best ally if you need to make a natural cowlick disappear from your new beloved fringe. Same thing for creating the perfect cascade effect on a curtain fringe to open up nicely on your forehead, or gently pushed aside for a slightly different version. Always make sure to apply a heat protection hairstyling product prior to using a flat iron, and end with a flat paddle brush for a silky, smooth finish.

If your hair is straight, you can also choose to let it dry naturally after a quick spritz of spray or mousse.

Of course, dry shampoo is your BFF when you have bangs to help absorb excess oil on day two and three after washing it to help keep your bangs looking fresh. And if you want a bit more texture, you can also add a sea salt spray on a longer side-swept fringe.

Now, go rock that bang with a killer selfie!

Should I Get Curtain Bangs?