How to Get Your Best Summer Curls

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Ah, those beautiful long summer days! BUT, if you have curly hair, the humidity can either be your BFF or your enemy number one. On good days, humid air will give more volume to your curls. But too much humidity can cause them to lose their definition and possibly expand beyond your comfort level. Here are some tips from our pro hair team at Pure to flaunt with abandon your beautiful curls all summer long!

Sun and Chlorine Protection

We all know how important it is to slather SPF (sun protection factor) products on our skin when we’re outside in the sun. Same thing for hair. Repeated exposure to UVA and UVB rays can damage the hair’s cuticle (its outermost layer), which could compromise the quality of your curls. Poolside lounging? Careful there, too. Chlorine is notorious for stripping hair of its protective oils, which can lead to a dry and stringy mane. So make good use of that cute tie-dye bucket hat. You can also give in to classic festival hair looks by creating pretty braids and twists.

Protective Oils and Deeply Moisturizing Masks

The curlier the hair, the drier it tends to be. That’s why a deep conditioning treatment should be part of your weekly hair routine to replenish it with nourishing ingredients and emollients. In addition to masks, using a rich leave-in conditioner will not only keep hair healthy, but also help curls withstand any amount of humidity in the air. 

When you feel you need to ‘supercharge your hair’ with extra conditioning, go for The Renaissance Circle, from Davines. Two main ingredients team up to fight damage and dryness: Babassu butter detangles to add softness, silkiness and body, while yellow clay helps to restore the hair structure. Together this means stronger, healthier-looking hair for you. Also available in travel-friendly format for those welcome post-pandemic weekend getaways.

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The Right Styling Product for Your Curl Type

Hairstyling experts agree that textured hair fall into three categories: waves, spiral curls, and coils. Wavy hair loves a lightweight priming lotion to look its best. For spirals, it is recommended to use a lightweight gel to define your curls – it also helps lock-in that important moisture. Coils, the tightest pattern, tend to be the driest so it’s really important to use products with a lot of moisture, protection and nourishment. Look for a thicker styling cream that hydrates and protects from breakage.

Cleanse with Caution

Unless your hair is super oily or you work out intensely, most people don’t need to wash their hair every day. If you can, try spacing out your shampoo days as long as possible, particularly if you have textured hair since it tends to be drier. However, always use a professional shampoo like the one your stylist recommends in the salon which will cleanse with care and avoid stripping the hair colour, if you do colour your hair.

If you’ve never tried co-washing, now is the perfect time to give it a try! Essentially, it’s about swapping shampoo for conditioner to gently loosen dirt while locking-in moisture between regular hair washes.

Now enjoy your gorgeous textured hair all summer!

How to Get Your Best Summer Curls