Why You’ll Love Face-Framing Highlights

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It’s that beautiful summertime vacation weather, and you’re probably dreaming of a hair colour that lights up your face, bringing the glow of the sun everywhere you walk into. Enter Face Framing, a quick and easy trend that’s become a favourite!

If you’re looking for a hair colour effect that brings in a lot of light but you don’t want the commitment or the time a full head of highlights commands, face framing is your new BFF. This technique adds a bit of contrast to your existing hair colour without any high maintenance. Just think of it as balayage, but specifically around your face.

Face framing is an awesome way to add a touch of radiance around your unique facial features while accentuating the rest of your hair colour with a multidimensional effect. Even better, because it’s super low maintenance you can choose to either let the highlights grow into the hair or boost the colour with a lighter or darker shade as the seasons change. So you won’t have to break the bank to get this new stunning hair colour! You can think of it as the best colour refresher you need, midsummer.

What Colour to Choose?

Obv, your expert hair colourist from Pure is the best person to recommend what colour of face-framing highlights would best suit you, but here are a few ideas to get the conversation started when you’re sitting in the chair at your next appointment.

-Medium Ash Blonde

This classic cool blonde looks great on a natural blonde or ash brown hair. And it’s especially fabulous when matched with a balayage, to light up the colour of your hair from the entire length of it to around your face.

-Platinum face-framing highlights

If you love being bold and glam, go for the palest, most luxurious shade of blonde: platinum! But best to pair this option with an ice or ash blonde hair, since the contrast with a warmer shade of blonde is not the best combination.

-Long Brown Hair with Dark Blonde Face Framing

Honey-blonde highlights that flow along the sides of the face are a creative way to draw attention to the eyes and lips. The almond brown base is enhanced with hints of gold meant to shimmer and glow in the light. So beautiful!

-Choppy Blonde Bob

Choppy bobs are the new classic for short hair, and they look even more spectacular with face-framing highlights, transitioning from blonde to spicy hues. Bonus: they emphasize your cheekbones for a stunning, chiselled look.

So, now that you’re updated on all the deets about face-framing highlights, you will have even more options to beautify your hair at your next appointment. See you soon at Pure!

Why You’ll Love Face-Framing Highlights