How to Control Hair Static in the Winter

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It’s here. The dreaded season when your hair displays flyaways and stands up straight in the middle of your best prepped Zoom presentation (cue-in face palm). Sometimes, despite how much you moisturize hair, in January it’s hard to be entirely static-free simply because of dry air, indoors and outdoors. 

Static electricity is created when two different objects rub against each other. The process causes electrons to jump from one to the other so that when your beanie’s wool rubs against your hair, they swap electrons. This causes an electric charge to build up on your hair and make it stand. If there is humidity in the air, the charge usually just disappears.  

While static might feel like it’s unavoidable in the winter, there are several ways you can adapt your routine to make sure your hair is sleek and silky. January blahs or not! 

Keep Hair Well Hydrated

We all know how harsh winter weather can deplete hair (and, yes, skin too) of its natural moisture, leaving it feeling dry and even more prone to static. Try skipping days between shampoos and switch over to a more emollient formula. A good choice: Momo from Davines, formulated with Cartucciaru Melon extract which delicately cleans while replenishing moisture. 

And don’t even think about skipping conditioner, the most important step in ensuring your hair is shiny and manageable! In winter it’s definitely a must, and the one product that will help you overcome dryness more than anything else. Once a week, indulge in a deeply conditioning treatment like Oi Conditioner from Davines infused with oil for maximum hydration. 

Remember, hair oils are your BFFs during the long winter months. Their deeply hydrating ingredients will help provide even more moisture on a daily basis to keep that pesky static at bay, while keeping your hair smooth and silky. Problem solved!

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Best Maintenance Tips

Use a microfiber towel to remove excess water from your hair. Unlike cotton, which can overpower wet hair — when it’s the most fragile and prone to breakage, frizz and static — microfibers gently absorb more moisture faster than a traditional cotton bath towel. Gently squeeze water out of your hair with your microfiber towel when you step out of the shower and avoid rubbing it. Now you’re ready to dry it and style it.

In order to help balance your hair’s natural electric charge, try using an ionic hair dryer. These professional-quality hair tools work by emitting negative ions to help separate water molecules. This process not only helps to dry your hair faster, but it also helps to reduce heat damage that could dry it out and lead to breakage.

Once hair is dry and ready for one last touch-up, choose a brush made from natural bristles, since synthetic brushes create static on your hair. Even better, boar bristles help distribute your scalp’s natural oils, neutralizing static electricity at the same time. These brushes also help gently exfoliate and stimulate hair growth. And that’s something we all love! 

How to Control Hair Static in the Winter