Haircuts to Choose for Spring 2021

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It’s here! Yes, spring is finally in the air and here are the top hair trends at Pure for the season. Read up before booking your next hair appointment!

Curtain Bangs

They’re a classic. And a hair look everyone loves because they’re easy maintenance, and have that sultry, sexy vibe. No wonder curtain bangs are EVERYWHERE on TikTok and on every cool girl’s IG right now! Plus, they grow out nicely whenever you’re ready to test out a new hair trend, and are perfect if you want a fringe without the major upkeep. Just make sure you don’t get tempted to trim them yourself because that will spell hair disaster! Only your hairstylist has the skill, the tools, and the sense of scale to trim off just what’s needed to keep your hair looking amazing from every angle.

Softened Blunt Fringe

Without the feathery ends and that boho laid-back vibe that curtain bangs provide, this type of fringe is decidedly more serious. And, just keep in mind, it also requires a bit more upkeep. So if you’re ready to visit your hairstylist every month or so and have all the hairstyling products at hand to keep your blunt fringe in tip-top form, go for it! It’s also ideal for those with an oval face and is the de facto companion to a shorter bob we’re going to be seeing a lot more for summer 2021.

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The Short Bob

The helmet haircut became the hairstyle of party girls in the roaring twenties. A century ago. Will it play on repeat in 2022, when we finally leave Covid lockdown behind us? Maybe Halle Berry was on to something at this year’s Oscars! If you’re tempted by the short bob for this summer, just keep in mind you will need the right hair products to keep your hair sleek, shiny and frizz-free.And investing in a flat iron might be a good call to keep volume at a minimum. You’ll also be seeing your hairstylist more frequently to keep those locks at a perfect length.

The Mullet

Have those multiple Zoom meetings given you the knack to try a hairstyle that’s all business in the front, party in the back? Well, you’re in luck because the mullet is slowly transitioning to become that rebel & glam hair look with tons of personality. What’s even better, is that all textures can be cut into a mullet. Yes, even if your hair is super thin or curly. The right haircutting technique and the right products will make it work.

Just make sure you bring your sparkling personality to any of these hairstyles and you’re ready to rock!

Haircuts to Choose for Spring 2021