Awesome Prom Hairstyles Ideas for Your Graduation Ball

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Even if it’s not your first big party — let’s face it, you’re a pro at applying your lashes in the backseat of your ride —, you want your grad ball to be extra special. Which means a stunning ‘fit, and the makeup and hairstyle that are going to complement it. Cue in your fave playlist and you’re ready to sashay your way into your next TikTok dance.

It’s all about the details. Prom hair is the main character in your graduation look to complement what you’re wearing and pull everything together. Your grad ball look should resemble the style you’re usually known for, but with a twist.

Classic Updos

They’re always on point. For a graduation party, updos bring that timeless, romantic touch. No wonder it’s still one of the most popular graduation hairstyles for long or medium-length hair, and amazing if you’re blessed with a lot of texture.

Chunky French braids and loose curls around the front are also a very cool choice. Pair that hairstyle with an open-back dress and finish the look with some dangly earrings. On point!

A low messy bun will also give you plenty of mileage for a chic, timeless look. Again, great, if you have soft, textured hair. In terms of hair colour? Anything goes! Including pretty pastel shades.

Pure Salon Montreal - Awesome Prom Hairstyles Ideas for Your Graduation Ball Blog 2

Ideas for Shorter Hair

No need to feel pressured into a super elaborate ‘do, with extensions and the whole bit if your everyday look is with shorter hair. So many celebrities have had major haircuts recently. And, hey, some have even reached for the clipper resulting in major glam vibes on the red carpet!

A major 80s throwback look, slicked back hair is super chic and glam for a big night out. Just make sure your hair is freshly cut to make the style look well balanced since this hairstyle is a lot more casual than an updo.

It’s seriously red-carpet stylish. No surprise, then, that our favourite celebrities and runway models are rocking cropped hair with micro-bangs that are barely an inch or two. So, of course, you’ll look amazing for your own prom with it, too!

If you’ve been daring all semester with your buzz cut coloured into a multitude of hues, from platinum to pink, there’s no need to tone it down for your prom. To give it that “Euphoria” twist, you can even sprinkle some glitter all over your head. Magic!

Awesome Prom Hairstyles Ideas for Your Graduation Ball