Why You’re Going to Love ‘Expensive Brunette’ Hair in 2022

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Being comfortable showing darker roots and spacing out hair colour appointments is done and done. Time for a fresh start! That’s why “expensive brunette” is the hair colour trend you’re going to absolutely love, now that we’re more than halfway through the colder season. Here’s why: It’s all about showing off healthy and super shiny hair paired with deep and delicious darker shades infused with light and dimension. And just what we need to get us through the finishing line of winter.

Rich, Shiny Shades

Compared to the palette of more basic brown shades, and the more heavily highlighted long locks that have been super popular in the last years (hello Instagram beach waves!), expensive brunette is richer, warmer, tone on tone, and it’s more about complimenting your natural features. 

Up until very recently, blonde has been almost exclusively the only hair colour experiencing beautiful blends of light tones to create a play of light and shadows. 

This new soft brown hair colour technique is less about highlights and relies more on balayage to create lowlights, so it’s easier to grow out when you want a change of hair colour. And in this case, having fewer sections of lighter hair brings out a more luxurious side to brown hair. Some examples? Think Megan Fox, Hailey Beiber and Kylie Jenner, for starters, the current reigning queens of glam on social media and IRL.

Pure Salon Montreal - Why You’re Going to Love Expensive Brunette Hair in 2022 Blog 2

Healthy Hair

The reason celebrities and influencers have adopted more natural shades, is that many of them had been slowly shifting to low maintenance haircuts and hair colour during a period when our world had been turned upside down, and nothing was normal. 

It’s a fact that the beauty industry has also changed, and more and more people are now more accepting of their natural hair texture, showing their roots, with a focus on low maintenance hair and natural appeal. Less is now definitely more. 

While the term “expensive brunette” sounds totally luxe and glam, it’s super easy maintenance. What you do need is basically a thorough hair consultation with your colourist who will learn more about your #hairgoals so that they can custom create the perfect shade of brunette that will enhance your unique features and create the right amount of lowlights and highlights for a perfect and beautiful rich hair colour. 

Yes, rich brunette is deep and multi-tonal, but it can also be one-dimensional. And if you want even more sparkle, you can always add a hair gloss! 

Why You’re Going to Love ‘Expensive Brunette’ Hair in 2022