Why You’ll Love ‘Lived-In’ Shades, the New Hair Colour Trend

Pure Salon Montreal - Why You’ll Love ‘Lived-In’ Shades, the New Hair Colour Trend Blog 1

High-maintenance beauty has taken a backseat and we’re all loving hair that is much more natural and easier to manage. Think ringlets, texture, and — the latest — lived-in hair colour. 

Yes, we’re trading in precision effects for softer shades, those that will stand out in the beautiful summer afternoon rosy glow, when the sun sets, and those lazy lounge moments around the pool or the terrace. Think sandy blondes, peachy reds, and nutty browns.

Pure Salon Montreal - Why You’ll Love ‘Lived-In’ Shades, the New Hair Colour Trend Blog 2

Right. But What Exactly is Lived-In Colour?

Neither a balayage nor an ombré, ‘lived-in’ colour typically involves creating subtle variations in shades and tones throughout the hair to mimic the effects of the sun and natural fading. The goal is to achieve a multi-dimensional look with depth rather than a flat, solid colour. The look is effortless and mimics colour that has evolved, over time. Think ‘rich hippie’ look’.

It’s part of that whole movement towards minimal beauty that has taken off on TikTok and Instagram that goes something like this: pared makeup looks paired with softer bronde tones. To create it, colourists mainly work with hair painting techniques and use freehand sweeps. But, while lived-in shades are ideal for clients who crave low-maintenance hair colour, they require pro-precision skills in the salon. 

Surprisingly, a lot of work goes into these effortless looks. So, please, don’t try to recreate this stunning hair colour at home! Just step into the chair of your favourite colourist, who will entirely customize the look for you while incorporating a beautiful blend of colours, (such as highlights, lowlights, and midtones), that are strategically placed to mimic the way hair naturally lightens and darkens over time.

Additionally, your lived-in hair colour from Pure will totally complement your unique skin tone, enhancing your features rather than drastically aiming to change your style.

Pure Salon Montreal - Why You’ll Love ‘Lived-In’ Shades, the New Hair Colour Trend Blog 3

Protecting your Hair Colour Investment During the Summer

What clients love about the lived-in hair colour trend is probably the fact that, when colour is applied strategically, the regrowth becomes part of the desired effect. This is because the technique incorporates natural-looking shadow roots and blended colour transitions, making the regrowth less noticeable. 

As the colour gradually fades over time, it blends seamlessly with your own natural hair colour, further minimizing the need for frequent touch-ups. This gradual fading also helps to maintain a more natural and lived-in appearance. And who doesn’t love that? 

But to maintain this cool boho vibe you will need some key hair products, such as colour masks. It’s a fact that blondes will need to stay beachy — not brassy — between hair colour appointments. And bronde can fade to too warm if not cared for properly. So hit the colour mask once a week, and give back your lacklustre locks extra polish until it’s time to head back to the salon. And, presto, that gorgeous lived-in hue will hold on to that sun-kissed radiance. 

And there you go, ready to wow your friends with your awesome boho hair!

Why You’ll Love ‘Lived-In’ Shades, the New Hair Colour Trend