Summer Festival Hair Trends

Now that the warm weather has settled in and that summer vacations are just around the corner, it’s time to start planning your festival outfits and, most importantly, your festival hair! Because, who can deny the big new fashion and beauty influences put out each year at Coachella, in California, and then later on at Osheaga in Montreal?

We’re all familiar with flower crowns that were first propelled to hair superstar status by Lana Del Rey across music festivals throughout North America, and beyond. But maybe it’s time to try something really new and break out of the old molds. Plus, those crowns are so 2017. Given everybody has a social media stage on which to stand and from which to flaunt their swag, it’s time to shake things up and try new styles or reinvent some classics. Isn’t the point to stand out and be seen by creating that unique look that will trend on Instagram or Facebook? Ya Facebook too, why not!

Long, short, up, down, tied, braided, messy bun, full of colour and accessories, it’s all fair game. If all those Pinterest boards of hair inspiration have not helped you find your look, let’s try and run down a few that might inspire you. In 2018, styles are moving towards being more sophisticated and structured, and away from the loose and wavy. And, yes, glitter’s still a huge thing.

Braids, braids and more braids

 Braids are all the rage and flooding Instagram. A term coined by celebrity hairstylist Nicci Welsh, pipe braids are rounded braids which can be accented with colour and accessories. They look very sophisticated and difficult, but, like most braids, with some practice they become super easy to do once you get the hang of it.  Plus, they’re a great way to get the hair off your neck during the hot and humid weather, while instantly offering an edgier look. They can be worn single down the back of your head or double, coming down each side. Some have taken this further and increased those numbers 10-fold. Have a try. They can be styled either messy or super neat and accessorized to your heart’s content. Have a chat with your hairstylist and explore which of these would work for you.

Ombré braids are the combination of a trending hair colour technique and the viral braid. A lot has been said about the hair coloring techniques of balayage, ombré and sombré. You can check out our previous post on the topic for more details. However, simply put, ombré is a type of balayage that produces darker, deeper, colour at the roots with brighter and lighter colour towards the tips in a gradual transition. Now imagine that type of colour effect in your choice of pastel, combined with a stunning braid. Very Instagram worthy!


Pastel Hair

Pastel is still going strong for summer 2018 and remains the palette of choice for modern highlights or trendy festival hair. The ultraviolet and millennial pink of 2017 also continue to have a strong presence. Just have a quick look at Guy Tang’s Instagram and you’ll be convinced! Combine these with some metallic blue, lavender, or ash silver and you’ve just created your hot new look. Your hairstylist will also have some great tips on how to maintain these beautiful shades. Just ask us!

And remember, colour works well with any hair length. Don’t be shy and risk being a little bold with colour, and, with new haircolour and products, you can dare to be bold just for the weekend. Or a little longer…


Summer Festival Hair Trends