Men’s hair styles — 3 super stylish medium-length haircuts

In our previous article we looked at “3 short classics on the cutting-edge of style.” Today we will take a look at hairstyles for guys who want to sport more flow and texture in medium-length haircuts.

As men become more interested in adding variety to their hairstyles, the flexibility and freedom of choice offered by somewhat longer hair are hard to deny. The medium length haircut was, for many years, the least popular, with men either choosing the ease of short or the boho vibe of long. Today’s modern hair products and tools make the medium cut the most flexible and much easier to maintain.

If you’re coming from long hair, it’s a no brainer! You just need to pick a style and let your hairstylist work his magic. If you are coming from short hair, as your hair grows out make sure you visit your barber regularly to keep the length in all the right places, while avoiding a dishevelled look in areas where you could maintain it short. Why suffer more than you have to through the awkward in-between phase? If you’re hesitant, no worries! Today’s hairstyles, combined with the talents of the best barber or hairstylist make no length a bad length. You can always progress incrementally from short to medium, while adapting the style.

Here are some trending medium-length styles, which hopefully will inspire you to vary your hair towards something more “medium” length.


The Quiff is a classic medium-length style dating back to the 50’s with a bit of volume. Think of it as a combination of the flattop and the pompadour. Short on the sides with extra length on top, it offers various styling options but requires a little more styling effort to maintain.

The trick to the quiff is to brush your hair upward and then back, while keeping it vertical. Styling does require the use of blow dryer and a good amount of your favorite strong hold styling product, such as the Davines Strong Molding Clay. You can leave it sleek or create more of a textured look by combing it with your fingers, once you’re done with the brush and dryer. When choosing your products, keep in mind that the modern quiff leans more towards a matte finish as opposed to the very shiny look of the 1950’s.


The pompadour is a hairstyle that dates back to the 1700s – yes, it’s THAT old! Like the quiff, the hair is combed up and back, but in this case forms more of a budge at the front and is slicked and swept towards the back of the head.

Unlike a quiff, the modern version of the Pompadour has maintained its shine. A blow-dryer set to high heat and a good strong styling product, such as Davines Shine Wax, are all that is required to create this look.

Faux Hawk

If you’re looking for something really different, then the faux hawk is an excellent choice! The faux hawk has all the attitude of the traditional mohawk without all the drama. The two big differences are that the shaved sides of the mohawk are replaced with more common short clipped sides, and the strip of hair on the top of the head is shorter and closer in length to the hair on the sides. This difference in length between the top and the sides is where you get to choose your level of “attitude.”

Styling the faux hawk is super easy. Use your fingers and draw your hair up and forwards towards the center of your head. Ensure you maintain a textured look, and you’re all set!

Talk to your stylist for help in choosing the best look for you.

And, let’s not forget colour. Have fun! (Yes, this is how I also closed out the previous post, but I liked it. Cheers!)

Men’s hair styles — 3 super stylish medium-length haircuts