Fall 2023’s Biggest Hair Trends

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Time to hit refresh for fall, now that back to school season and September are just around the corner. Because nothing says ‘new season, new outlook’ better than a different haircut to embrace a groundbreaking chapter in your life about to unroll, may that be a different career path or a shiny new title on your resume — corner office or not!

Whether you want a total hair makeover, are thinking of chopping it off into a mullet — yes, it’s definitely back to bring out the rebel in you!  — or just a more subtle update, fall’s hair trends have something for everyone. 

Bangs? Yes, they’re still going strong in many shapes and forms, from the curtain wispy fringe that always delivers that casual but sexy vibe, to the micro bang that caps off a pixie cut with clever style. But remember these key sections of great-looking hair always start with the very competent and talented hands of a professional hairstylist. Just something to keep in mind… 

The Return of the 90s Supermodel Cut

Like everything 90s (cue-in cropped tops, cargo pants, and platform boots), big supermodel hair is really in the air for fall 2023. An evolution from the wolf and butterfly haircut from the last year, it seems a lot of us want bounce and layering. And that also means it’s time to bid bye bye to blunt ends. So layers are where we’re headed. Bonus: They’re awesome for long and short hair alike, and they’re so amazing if your hair is flat, fine or limp to create instant volume.

Super easy to maintain — and they can even buy you a few extra weeks before your next salon appointment — these layers only need a good blow out to make their beauty come alive when you start out with a great haircut. 

Pure Salon Montreal - Fall 2023’s Biggest Hair Trends Blog 2

Long Layers and Face-Framing Highlights 

Face-framing highlights are becoming a favourite new hair colour technique for many of us. The reason? These types of highlights add a bit of contrast to your hair without high-maintenance commitment. So, just like balayage, you can go a few months without visiting your favourite colourist (but we will miss you, in the meantime!) since they only require partial highlights. 

Also called the ‘money piece,’ face-framing highlights are literally designed to illuminate your features. This technique helps brighten up your face without the need for an all-over lightening hair process. Plus, it’s also less expensive since your colourist will only be working on smaller sections of your hair. 

So, whether you’re planning to take your hair style back to the 90s with supermodel volume, or you’re looking more into face-framing highlights, two things to keep in mind are that hair is definitely more messy and more natural. What you choose will definitely be in line with your style and personality. Time to have fun for fall! 

Fall 2023’s Biggest Hair Trends