Pure Salon is now 100% Green Circle sustainable

At Pure Salon, as hairstylists and colourists, integrating new and exciting technologies in our work is always top-of-mind. For Earth Month 2018, we are very excited to announce that Pure Salon is now a fully eco-sustainable salon, since we joined forces with Green Circle Salons, a Canadian organisation specialised in recycling programs for hair and beauty salons.

“In the process of wanting to make our clients look and feel beautiful, unfortunately, the salon industry generates a lot of waste that can’t always be recycled through regular municipal programs. Since we were already a flagship Davines salon, an eco-responsible line of Italian hair products, we wanted to push our sustainability mandate even further and that’s why we have partnered with Green Circle Salons,” says Anna Pacitto co-owner of Pure salon and a Davines North America artist and educator.

Next time you get your hair highlighted at Pure, rest assured that all the foils we will use to make your hair ‘beach-ready-beautiful’ will be recycled, as well as all the lightener and colour mixtures we customise to create those beautiful hair shades for you.

Close to the colour bar, where we create the magic of hair colour, we now have a bin with a thick plastic liner where all the surplus hair colour mix goes, and that the nice folks at Green Circle Salons pick up every week, to be responsibly disposed of in a special facility.

In the US alone, 60 million pounds of human hair are thrown in landfills each year.


That’s why all the hair we cut at Pure Salon is now being collected. Did you know hair plays a special role in cleaning up the environment? It absorbs oil. That’s why you need to wash it regularly. And just as it lifts oil from your skin, it also collects petroleum from an environment threatening oil slick in the ocean. Green Circle Salons manufactures hair booms for this specific purpose and donates them free of charge in the event of an oil spill.

“When we hear about the thousands of tons of plastic finding their way into our waterways and oceans every day, it’s more important than ever that each one of us plays an active role in protecting our precious resources and beautiful planet,” states Anna.

At Pure, the Green Circle Salons recycling program is supported by Davines, a gold-level member of Green Circle Salons.

Pure Salon is now 100% Green Circle sustainable