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How to Control Hair Static in the Winter

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It’s here. The dreaded season when your hair displays flyaways and stands up straight in the middle of your best prepped Zoom presentation (cue-in face palm). Sometimes, despite how much you moisturize hair, in January it’s hard to be entirely static-free simply because of dry air, indoors and outdoors.  Static electricity is created when two different objects rub against each other. The process causes electrons to jump from one to the other so that when your beanie’s wool rubs againstRead more

Easy Christmas and Holiday Hair Looks

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In a year like no other, we’re also creating new Holiday traditions in 2020. And just to make sure you do get your pretty on for your Zoom, Skype or FaceTime parties, here are a few ideas from our top hairstylists at Pure that will make you shine bright on everyone’s screen. With or without glitter! Braided double buns  A perfect ‘do’ if you’re planning on doing a bit of baking for your friends and family and delivering those deliciousRead more

Lockdown Hairstyles you are Going to Love!

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For sure. It’s not the year most of us where hoping for when a shiny new decade rolled in on January 1, 2020. So after many months of attempting to find our favourite Zoom look, here’s something to finally get excited about when it comes to hairstyling hacks that are easy to achieve, will finally give you a reason to take off your tie-dye hoodie, and look great to pick up your groceries or hang out at home. Flipped-Up PonytailRead more

How to Make Your Hair Colour Last Longer Between Salon Appointments

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Who doesn’t love the look of a fresh new hair colour from a favourite salon! Want to make it last as long as possible? You’re in luck with these professional salon tips. Read on!  1- Don’t Overwash Hair Unless you’re an elite athlete who works out intensely, most people don’t need to wash their hair Every. Single. Day. One to three times a week is a good number. But if you really feel you need to cleanse it on aRead more

Tempted by natural grey hair? Here’s how to do it beautifully!

Pure Salon Montreal - Tempted by natural grey hair Blog

After the Covid lockdown in the spring of 2020, a lot of regular salon clients were faced with dealing with an unsightly regrowth – particularly challenging for those with dark hair who were seeing a wide band of grey roots peeking up from an otherwise flawless and luminous hair colour from their previous professional hair appointment. That set the tone for some women to start looking at other options for beautiful hair colour, if and when they chose to goRead more

What’s a Hair Botox Treatment, and What Can It Do for You?

Pure Salon Montreal - What’s a Hair Botox Treatment, and What Can It Do for You Blog

A Hair Botox treatment is one of the most effective professional services you can get in a salon for your hair, if you’re looking to restore flexibility and reduce frizz, while keeping your natural curls. It’s similar to a conditioning mask, but it’s actually quite different in terms of results. It’s one of the only treatments that penetrates the three layers of the hair and reaches the cortex to deeply moisturise and repair the hair’s structure. Hair Botox is excellentRead more

The Shaggy Bob – Hair Trend for 2020

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Change is in the air for the new season ahead. And if you haven’t noticed it yet on social media, your stylist or colourist will soon be making new suggestions for you to try and change your hairstyling game. Ready to take on the challenge? Here are a few tips you won’t want to miss! Layering Is Everything! What started out as a more extreme trend for some avant-garde European hairstylists in the last two years, or so, is nowRead more

How To Soothe Dry Winter Hair

Pure Salon Montreal - How To Soothe Dry Winter Hair Blog

Move over glam Holiday parties! It’s now the beginning of January, and nothing feels better than sliding into comfy cashmere joggers while toning down your beauty routine a few notches.   But just as those winter blahs start creeping in, flat, static hair and flyaways begin to hover like a menacing cloud above your head. The culpit? Super dry air in our overheated homes and hermetically sealed downtown condos. Add to that a cute wool beanie that keeps your headRead more

Your Holiday Hair Forecast for 2019

Pure Salon Montreal - Your Holiday Hair Forecast for 2019 Blog

It’s here! The most wonderful time of the year is once again upon us. Which means it’s the season to glam up your hair game – even if you’re only doing it for the ‘gram! — and show some sparkle and shine that will take you from formal office party to casual family gatherings in a few easy steps. Ready? Let’s take a deep dive into Pure’s Holiday hair trends for 2019! Classic Chignon With Padded Velvet Headband Super romanticRead more

Should I Get Curtain Bangs?

Pure Salon Montreal - All You Need to Know About Hair Bangs Blog

If you’ve been paying close attention to your Instafeed recently, you’ve probably asked yourself this question more than once, given the incredible number of celebs and influencers from all over the globe who are rocking this super-stylish fringe. So, here’s all you need to know about one of the biggest hair trends in 2019: wispy, sexy bangs! Curtain Bangs Are Hot! Even though there is a wide variety of fringes out there (yes, that’s the proper name professional hairstylists use),Read more