Anna Pacitto – New Artistic Director for Intercoiffure

Anna Pacitto, co-owner of Pure salon and multiple award-winning international hairstylist, has added a new prestige title to her career by becoming the new Artistic Director for Intercoiffure America Canada.

Q: Hi Anna, can you tell us about this new role, and what’s involved in it?

Anna Pacitto: In order to become Artistic Director of Intercoifffure America Canada, you first have to be a member of the organisation. And in order to become a member, you need to be sponsored by an existing member and prepare an interview that is conducted with three current members. But before all that, I was first invited to perform in Memphis in 2018 at a presentation HairBrained was doing. A few months later I got a phone call from Sheila Wilson, the new president of Intercoiffure. She and Davines North America wanted to put my name forth, in order for me to become the new Artistic Director of Intercoiffure America Canada. And just recently, in April 2019, Intercoiffure World Council decided to knight me. So I’m quite proud!

Q: What is involved in this new role, specifically?

A.P.: In my new role as Artistic Director for Intercoiffure America Canada, I will need to create one or two North American hair photo collections per year, for the next three years. This past year, in April 2019, I held a hands-on class for 80 people in Las Vegas and came with five people from my team. The next Intercoiffure America Canada show will take place in New York City, in October. It’s an important presentation.

I’ve also been asked about sharing technical advice on putting a collection together for an Intercoiffure competition. That’s the type of work that’s involved in my new role.

Q: How does this fit into the accomplishments and aspirations you had as a young hairstylist?

A.P.: When I first started out as a young hairstylist, I didn’t even know what hair competitions were, and even less a title like Artistic Director existed. So, I absolutely did not have any aspiration about this. The only thing I knew about the hair industry was that it was a good business, and that I just wanted to do really well as an artist and a business person.

But then later on, when I got more experience and realised I had a bit of talent, I was looking to put some excitement in my life, and that’s when I first started competing. I really approached it step by step. And once you start seeing results, you dream of more.

Q: How is this this role of Artistic Director for Intercoiffure different from being Artistic Director for a hair care brand?

A.P.: In my career, I worked 18 years as an Artistic Director for a big international brand. Even though the process of creating a collection is similar, in that you get inspired by the same things – fashion, trends at large, nature, beauty – when you create a collection for a hair care brand you have guidelines. Your input is there, but you need to make sure the collection will appeal to many different people and cultures.

In this case, as Artistic Director for Intercoiffure, you need to appeal to members from many different brands. In a way you feel freer to create something beautiful that people will react to. So, my essence will definitely be there, but the Davines in me will show through, as well. I will be presenting this collection in October 2019, in New York City.

Q: Over your exciting career, Anna, you’ve won many awards and have led your team at Pure to experience the thrill of winning major international competitions. Where do you find the drive to excel for yourself, and to push others to become their best?

A.P.: You go through some dry spells and you keep researching, looking at different things from a new angle. You need to keep pushing your team, because on a personal level how many awards can you win? It brings me so much joy to see someone I’ve coached receive a prize. Even when I’m not involved in a competition I’m always researching. I’m always taking photos of the things I love. I’m constantly looking and thinking: ‘Will this work for a hair collection?’

Q: What are the challenges of having an artistic personality with the practical aspects of being a very successful business woman?

A.P.: Sometimes they contrast quite a bit and they fight because they don’t necessarily go hand in hand, but one completements each other. One takes away a lot of time from the other. You need time to become successful in business. The bank account is real. When I find myself having a blind spot creatively, I feel the numbers have taken out all the creative energy. But in the end, you always find a way to make all these different aspects work, though.

Anna Pacitto – New Artistic Director for Intercoiffure